Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for the radio silence, but admit it, you're getting used to it from me by now.

We've just been busy, busy, busy. We had more birthday love (can you believe Meaty is SIX already?). We had a terrible stomach bug with three children puking for 24 hours. Thankfully it was the older three, so puke buckets were successfully used! YEAH! And the bug skipped The Greatest and me so double YEAH! We've had more Dr's appointments for Sweet Pea's ear. She is now infection free! Triple YEAH! She is feeling so good she's willing to do all kinds of toddler things like emptying everything she can get her hands on (book shelves, the CD tower, my purse) and playing with my pots and pans while I cook at the stove beside her.

Why must all toddlers do this

It is heavenly to cook with two hands again! This kid has been sick since November. It is nice to have my baby back!

See I'm full of good news and exclamation points today!

I've been knitting. Oh my. I have been knitting. I've finished knitting two sweaters for Sweet Pea. One sweater is part of a set to be paired with a pair of pink knit pants that have yet to make their debut on the blog (waiting in the drawer for the sweater). I've been successfully blocking pieces of Pork Chop's Willa. Just the back piece to block and I'll be able to seam it soon. I've knit the most awesome hat in the world for The Greatest (which he actually wears! more hoorays). And the Chevron scarf is done! I went for the gold. I knit the whole ball. The sucker is long and luv-er-ly. So much knitting. I've even got a sock and a half knit for me. Like I said, I've been busy.

And because the universe hates me, I've finished all these knits in time for winter to be over.

don't you wish you lived here?

It is in the upper 70's and just as beautiful as can be. Every morning Bird goes on the back porch and declares it to be a beautiful day. Meaty declares each day to be the best day ever. They're both right. It is a good time to live in the West. Opening all the windows was just not enough. We threw the French Door open to fill every corner of the house with sunshine and warm grass scented air.

Don't hate me because my french doors are magnificent

Of course, since the back door was wide open the cat got in on the action. She laid in the sun.

lazy cat

She laid by the pool.

lazy lazy cat

She laid in the shade.

In my next life I wanna be a cat

She was a happy cat indeed. And I felt a little like the paparazzi, stalking the cat.

Overall I've been a happy Mommy.

If you need me I plan to spend today doing more of this.

a perfect afternoon

I know you'll forgive me for being too busy to blog. Could you resist this face?



Stephanie said...

awwww, I am SOOOO jealous! It's f-f-f-f-freezing here. It's 22, feels like 9 with the windchill and last week, we hit -22 withOUT the windcill, with it was -38 below! Don't you miss Ohio?! hehehehe

We're going to hit a balmy 36 tomorrow and 40 on Friday, so I may just wear my winter coat and not my polar bear suit!

Miss ya, hope your doing well!

Bezzie said...

Nah I'm not jealous! Just wait til summer!

Glad to hear everyone is barf and ear infection free!

lockenpuppe said...

Sorry, but i can't read the black text on thad darkred backgroundimage. Its not a big deal to block it, but could you please choose a lighter one next time?

Altogether its a great blog making me jealous. (sorry for my english.)