Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peace Baby!

I wanted to blog today. I really did. I have good intentions of being funny and witty and full of pretty pictures. And doing it every single day. But I'm lacking inspiration. Going to bed at 1 a.m. and getting up at 5 will do that to you I guess. Not to mention being funny and witty and full of pretty pictures every single day can put a bunch of pressure on a girl. How do the really good bloggers do it?

As I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch and pondering my neglected blog it occurred to me. Duh. This is a knitting blog. And I have five FOs that have not made their debut yet. Throw a sweater on the baby and hey, I've got a blog post!


Pattern: Peace Baby

Yarn: Knit picks shine sport in apricot
Sinfonia in pink

Needles: Size 6

Modifications: I added a stripe pattern to the sweater. I also added cute picot edges to the hem and sleeve cuffs.


Review: This is quite frankly, and it pains my soul just a little to admit this, this is not the best sweater I've ever knit. Don't get me wrong. The pattern is great and the sweater is cute as a button. The problem is not the pattern. I'd love to blame it on the pattern. Doesn't it always feel better to one's self-esteem when the problems can be blamed on someone else? But sadly, this is not the case. The problem is not the pattern. The problems lie in my execution of the pattern. Striping the sweater was a good idea. It's so cute. I love how the double raglan decreases line up.


But striping the two different yarns might not have been such a good idea. The sinfonia is skinnier than the shine, and I think it shows.

My keyhole neckline also has some issues.


Again, while I'd love to blame it on the pattern I'm afraid the problem is all me. Poor finishing skills in the form of sloppy sewing are the majority of the problem. I'm also thinking the slippery cotton made a bad situation worse. It really is an unforgiving yarn, showing off every fatal flaw.


But despite these obvious issues she seems to like the sweater. And it looks super-cute with her orange pants. And the weather has cooled off enough to justify dressing her in knit pants and a knit sweater. So it's not a total fail.


Bezzie said...

Eh, you gotta remember your target audience--Sweet Pea obviously doesn't care!

Now where can I get a Peaceful Baby...oh wait, you said Peace Baby. Darn.

Jen Anderson said...

Hey, blogging you FOs is an achievement unto itself. I have exactly zero children and still have a huge backlog of FOs to blog about.

It's like how everyone puts of seaming. After something is done, I feel like, "what? I have to take pictures and write about it too?"

Of course, part of the problem is the lack of clean, uncluttered surfaces for photo taking. It's amazing how far we can let the housekeeping go since we don't have to worry about kids or pets eating anything left laying around.

Did I say Amazing? I meant embarrassing.

And about to change, since we're planning a little bundle of our own.