Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kicking my Butt in Gear

I didn't re-block the brown sweater but I did start soaking it.


That counts as doing something right?

I do deserve a little credit. I DID frog the socks.

Instead of saying "Screw it all" and casting on a hat I decided to keep working with the sock yarn. I cast on for a 56 stitch plain stockinette sock.


I love how the yarn is looking knit on 56 stitches verses 64 stitches. All those little nice little knit stitches so neatly lined up one after another.

Man it was boring.

After some Raveling I decided to keep with my Creature Feature sock theme and cast on for Nagini(sorry Ravelry link). Cause what's scarier than a giant snake?


The yarn is looking pretty sweet on 72 stitches. This pattern appears to have some sizing issues. It's knit on 72 stitches and people are surprised it runs big? Luckily my feet run big so we'll see how it goes. I need to get some more pattern repeats before I can try it on. *fingers crossed* If it doesn't work out? *shrug* I'm learning to love the frog pond.

And to appease the Grandpa here's some cute I call "Fun with Play dough"




Even the baby got in on the action.


And this just gives new meaning to "Four Eyes."



Chrisknits said...

I am thinking I need to stay away from your blog. Bad knitting karma isn't contagious is it?

Man, give that baby some food!

Tammy said...

I say throw the brown sweater in the dryer for a quick spin or two.

I love the colors in the sock yarn. Oh, and thanks a lot for the Ravelry link. :P

Bilary said...

Hey, I just had Kate playing with play doh with the big girls yesterday too! So fun! She loved playing with the eyes. You probably have the same little set we do. She would make a little person with the eyes and feet and say, "A hug." Then she would hug it and squash it and wonder what happened.:)

Your kids are so beautiful! Those eyes are to die for!

SunnyMomma said...

I am ROFL with the Mr Potato eyes! That's awesome.