Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So, ummmm, yeah.

It's been a while.

But you're like my closest bestest friends. No matter how long it has been since the last time we talked, it feels like no time has passed.

Can you believe how much time has passed? I've been getting phone calls from everyone wanting to make sure I'm alright. Thanks for all the love. I'm sorry for the silence. Let me assure you, everyone is fine. Not all of this silence was my fault.

First my computer got all virused up.


Wouldn't-boot-up-at-all kind of bad.

Got past my anti-virus software kind of bad.

Why do smart people waste their time creating such destructive things? They don't know me. Why would they want to damage my computer? I don't understand that mentality or their motives. They're obviously brilliant with computers in a way I'll never be, so why don't they apply themselves and create something instead of destroying things?

And I had over a years worth of pictures saved on the computer just waiting to be transferred to disks.

I know.

I'm bad like that.

But we know a girl who is married to a guy who is is all kinds of genius.

He saved everything.

I offered to pay him with my first born child. Now that she's getting older she's pretty darn handy to have around. She can dust and run a vacuum, and load the dishwasher mostly the right way. Plus she is super fun just to sit and talk to. It would have been a major sacrifice on my part, but it would have been worth it. That's just how much I loves my computer.

Instead he took payment in brownies.

All that put me without a computer for a few weeks.

Then we decided it was time to fiddle with my migraine meds. I needed a new preventative and a better med to take when I got a migraine.

Well, the good news it my preventative is so good I haven't had to try my new pain meds.

The bad news it is made me near comatose for a few weeks. I'm still tired. If you recall the last med they put me on made me feel like I was on speed. This was the polar opposite. I could not keep my eyes open. My eyelids gained twenty pounds each. Crawling back into bed still seems like the most appealing option life has to offer. But I'm migraine free and mostly headache free. So there is that.

And just as I was crawling out of my medicine induced coma and back into real life, the kids brought home a bug. Pink eye, runny noses, coughs, sore throats. Yeah. Fun. I'm the only one still sick and I feel in constant danger of choking on my own mucus. I know. The average person can only dream of living a life as glamorous as mine.

In the midst of all this I've been cooking and cleaning and knitting and quilting and hula-ing and decorating and becoming an aunt again. I've been busy. Although in the interest of full disclosure I really didn't have anything to do with becoming an Aunt again. That was all my Brother and his Wife. They did a beautiful job too.

But I know none of you who are still hanging around this blog are here for me.

So enough about me. Here's the good stuff.


Oh, wait, you're not here for the bunnies? But they're cute and fluffy and they love to sit in front of their mirror and bathe, those vain little bunnies. You sure you're not here for the bunnies?

Alright, here's the really good stuff.


Don't you just wanna chew on those toes?

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Marie Grace said...

Glad to have you back!