Monday, May 16, 2011

More Love Letters To My Blog

Dear Blog,

How the universe conspires to keep us apart.

I got up at 3 am on Friday morning.

Now why on earth would I get up at 3 am on Friday morning?

The old dog is old. And sometimes she whines a high pitched whine hitting that special frequency that makes me what to drive a railroad spike in my ear just to make it stop. She was making such a noise a 3 am on Friday morning.

So I got up and took old dog down stairs and let her out to go potty. Sometimes that fixes the air leak in old dog that causes the high pitched whine. Sometimes it doesn't. On this particular morning old dog seemed to have insomnia. She peed. She checked the perimeter of the yard, ever since the ninja attack she is extra vigilant. She sniffed every single flower. I got bored watching her and waiting for her to come back inside, so I wandered off to the computer to see how many sale ads and offers for penile related pharmaceuticals had arrived at my in-box during the three hours of sleep I had stolen from the night (the official tally was sale ads: 3 penile pharmaceutical: 7). I spent a little quality time on Ravelry. I sat there letting my brain cells die until I heard the bleed inducing whine at the back door. At which time I shut off the internet to let the dog back in the house. I gave her a drink of water and we both went back to bed.

Boring story right?

Here comes the part that made me bang my head against the wall, repeatedly.

At six-thirty on Friday morning I get up with the children and I discover my Windows profile is now corrupt and I can no longer log into my computer.

Everything worked at four am when I went back to bed with the dog. Everything is broken at six-thirty when I get up with the children.

I'm blaming Memphis for this.

Evil comes in many forms

She is my cute but evil evil bunny.

I'm pretty sure she was behind the ninja attacks.

My profile was gone. My internet wouldn't work. My files were still on the computer, but not easily accessible. I had no idea what happened.

I know enough about computers to be really really dangerous. And by dangerous I mean stupid. So before I did anything else I knew I had to get my pictures off the computer and onto disks. Three years worth of pictures to be precise. Every time my computer does something funky I scramble to get my pictures off of it. You would think I would learn my lesson and back up my pictures monthly, but no, this is a lesson I refuse to learn.

So I spent my weekend backing up three years of pictures onto 27 disks. Then I created a new profile in windows and copied my old profile to my new profile and so far the only thing I've lost are a few of my internet bookmarks.

But see how the universe conspires against us? Just when I had recommitted myself to our love. My computer crashing? My internet failing to connect?

I hope to be back tomorrow with pictures of knitting, but I'm sure I'll be back Friday with more excuses as to why I don't have pictures of knitting.



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zippy said...

Oh no, not crashing computers and lost pictures! That is among my worst nightmares. Glad to hear you got your pictures backed up. We finally invested in an external hard drive where I keep copies of our pictures...discs might not be a bad idea for me to work on too though. Our internet is constantly cutting out on me, drives me crazy on a daily basis! Hope you get your computer and internet back in working order asap. Looking forward to future posts. : )