Monday, October 10, 2011

Grandparents Rejoice!

Green thing took three days to dry. But it is now neatly folded and I've got something new blocking:

Blockety block blocking

And something new soaking:

Soakety Soak Soaking

Just no pretty photographs of pretty Finished Objects to show off.

Such is life.

I do have some pretty photographs of my favorite models to share. I figured if I didn't include the children soon the Grandparents might rise up in rebellion. And everyone knows the key to a happy life is pleasing one's parents. So here ya go!

My kids are cute

So darn cute

Soakety Soak Soaking

How can you stand all the cuteness

The cuteness is ridiculous

So much cuteness


More cuteness

Even more cuteness

too much cuteness

Even their feet are cute

It just isn't right


Corrina said...

Oh my goodness, have I been reading your blog that long? I remember when there were only three of them. And they were tiny. Says the very depressed mama who's oldest is a 13-year old man-child that is nearly as tall as me. And I'm 5'10".

AngelKnitter said...

The kids are adorable, but I just want to soak in the bowl with that masterpiece. Can not wait to see it dry.

Kathleen said...

Ooh, the "something new soaking" is very intriguing! Great colours.

Your favorite models are adorable, too. :)

Tammy said...

Great pictures! I can never get my kids to smile without poking or tormenting each other during pics. Of course, having boys, I've pretty much given up by now.

Vivian said...

Your models are super adorable! I want to know what's soaking in the tub, the colors are lovely!