Wednesday, October 05, 2011


So it turns out that shame is a great motivator for me.

Shame and this picture I saw on Pinterest.

I stole this picture from, and edited out the swear word.

Looking at that stack of unwearable knits that just needed a bath gave me a sad. I put all that time into knitting them. I don't know why I stall out at the finishing step. It isn't even the sewing of seams or the weaving in of ends that I hate so much. It is the blocking. I've talked about this before. Blocking feels too much like laundry and I loathe laundry. I need to find someone I can outsource my blocking to, the way quilters will make a quilt top but then outsource the actual quilting of the quilt. (Speaking of quilting I've really got to get my kids quilts done. I want to have them under the tree as Christmas presents. I really hate the way Christmas is creeping up on me, creeping like a speeding bullet, but I digress).

I could not let the pile of Pristinely Unblocked knits remain. So I grabbed a garment for which I knew blocking would bring me joy. I grabbed lace.

Lace blocking is MAGIC. It is my favorite part of knitting lace. It turns a lumpy ugly blob of knitting into a work of art. There were three shawls in the pile of Pristinely Unblocked but I felt the blue one would block best. I was hoping that if I started with a bang I would keep momentum and block one thing a day. Yes, I am hoping to eventually BLOCK ALL THE THINGS!

A girl can dream.

I may not have all the things blocked, but I do have one thing drying on my bedroom floor.

Oh, my precious

This time tomorrow I should have a beautiful blue shawl to add to the pile of finished objects that need photographed to add to the blog.

And to keep things moving along I've already put something else in the soak bowl.




Chrisknits said...

My only FO to need blocking was easy. it was made with Wool-Ease, so all I had to do was throw it in the washer and then lay it out, pat it into shape and leave it with the fan on. But, considering I hate to knit with WE, that won't happen around here too often!

AngelKnitter said...

Yum on that shawl. My mouth is watering. I want to own it. Beautiful.