Monday, December 05, 2011

I'm Cold

So we survived Thanksgiving. We had turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and real cranberry sauce. And we had desserts.


So many desserts. I failed to get a picture of our perfect turkey, but by golly I got the desserts. There are only six of us in the house. We ate pie for breakfast for a week (and sometimes for lunch too).

Then I got sick. Really sick (which I am positive had nothing to do with my all dessert diet). The kind where you lie around and pray for death sick.

Forget running around town looking cute in my hand knit sweaters. I wore the same pair of pajama pants and grey t-shirt for a week straight. I think they might need to be burned now.

But I am feeling better. While I was lying in bed pretending I was dead I think winter officially descended on the desert. It started with rain, which made everything cold. And then it just stayed cold, it never warmed back up. It was 65 degrees today and I was freezing. Yes, point, laugh, mock me. I deserve it. My blood is ridiculously thin now. But when you're sweating in the 80 degree heat and I'm still wearing a sweater, well, we'll see who's laughing then.

I found myself wearing another of my new favorite sweaters today. (Is there a limit to how many favorites of something a person can have? I hope really really hope not, cause I'm working on 15 different favorite sweaters). As luck would have it The Greatest was home with me, so I handed him my camera and asked him to take a picture of my sweater for me.

I got this.


Awesome. I should have stuck with the self timer.

I did manage to get three more out of him.





And a requested close up of the cable (whose color in no way resembles the color in real life).


He takes a very utilitarian approach to picture taking. Get in, get out, get done.

I had to take my own picture of my cute shoes (which is so much harder than it sounds.)


He shops with the same mantra. Get in, get out, get done. And if I want to look at shoes I can do it on my own time.

I don't like shopping with him.

But I digress.

Back to the sweater.

Pattern: Contented Cardi (rav link)

Yarn: Cascade 220, in some number that means Granny Smith Apple Green, 5 skeins (I got this on clearance. Why would they put such pretty Granny Smith Apple Green on clearance? Their loss = my gain!)

Needles: Size 7 Addi Turbos

Modifications: None that I remember, and I've got none in my Rav notes. So we're good. Must have followed the pattern as written. Must have been a really well-written pattern. Honestly can't remember now. I just remember it being a joy to knit from start to finish. Even with the miles and miles and miles of St stitch.

Review: I loves this sweater. The Cascade 220 seemed a bit thick for this pattern at first, but I got gauge, and in the end I'm happy with the way the front drapes. So happy faces all around. It is comfy and warm and everything I need in a throw-over-everything sweater.

In unrelated news, guess what Bird wants for Christmas.



Kaye said...

I had a hard time concentrating on this post after seeing the monkey bread.
Glad you're feeling better. I dig that sweater--esp. the gathers the cable creates in the back!

blackheartbetty said...

That sweater is cute. It is not as cute as the little one with the missing teeth =).

Andria said...

This cracked me up, my husband is the same way, and I usually end up using the self timer. He doesn't even realize how horrible he is (because he refuses to listen). Your sweater is great!

Jenn said...

That is a beautiful cardigan. I love the color. Now I've added this to my favorites :).