Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm not a twi-hard. Really I'm not. So what if I've seen all four movies. So what if two of those movies were at midnight premieres. I swear I'm not a twi-hard. It isn't like I have a life size cut out of Edward Cullen in my bedroom. Or famed pictures of Jasper on my piano. OK, I do have these socks. But I swear those were a learning experience. I got to do an after thought heel, which I had never done before (and still haven't done successfully), and I got to practice duplicate knitting. I swear, those socks were all about the technique! You believe me right?

I'm not a twi-hard. I do not think these books are literary masterpieces that will stand through the ages. I do not think the movies are instant classics that every person should see at least once in their life time. I love them for the cheesy fluffy mindless things they are. Mmmmmmm, cheesy, fluffy, mindless, sounds a little bit like cheetos. Mmmmmmmm, cheetos...

But despite not being a twi-hard, I could not resist making a vampire bite necklace for the fourth movie.


See how cute, even if it is slightly blurry. You get the gist right? My friend and I made them while we watched The Walking Dead. (Is there something inherently wrong in making vampire necklaces while watching zombies? Cause it felt a little blasphemous, but I couldn't tell whom we were sinning against, the vampires? or the zombies?)

Now my friend made her really blinged out. She used clear shiny beads for her necklace instead of chain, and it looks fantastic. I'm a little jealous of her necklace to be quite honest. I would show you a picture if I had one, but alas, I do not. You will just have to take my word for it, her necklace turned out fantastic and completely covetous.

And in addition to wearing my vampire bites to the new movie, I also wore... A HAND KNIT SWEATER!

Because people expect nothing less from me.

I took a picture with the self-timer.


Yup, not good.


So much bad in the picture. The light, my peeling nails, the double chin that I do not have in real life, the fact that the sweater is hidden by the new WIP. My self-timer skills need more work.

So I turned to the bathroom mirror and discovered...


Someone had made the mirror really dirty between yesterday and today. I'm gonna blame Bird, if I had to guess.

So I cleaned the mirror and discovered...


My black sweater has a lot of lint/dalmatian hair on it.


And black is really hard to photograph. (Side note: I look very angry in this picture. I swear I wasn't angry. I must just have an angry face.)

Here's the rundown for those who want do know.

Pattern: Emelie

Yarn: KnitPicks Essential Solid, in Black, 5 skeins

Needles: Size 2, random straights I had around the house. They nearly killed me. And Size 3 Addi Turbos. I loves my Addis.

Modifications: None that I remember.

Review: I cast on for this sweater the day it came out. I could not figure out why my lace did not look like the lace in the pattern pictures. I kept wondering what was wrong with me. I check the pattern, and double checked it, and wondered what was wrong with my pattern reading skills. Of course once I was all done with the lace section they released pattern errata. The lace was written wrong in the pattern, so my lace looked wrong. But I likes it anyways.


Have I mentioned how hard black is to photograph? Cause it is really hard to photograph.

I loves this sweater. Just a simple black cardigan to throw over anything and everything. I love the deep ribbing on the back. And the ribbing on the sleeves. Simple details that make this piece a classic. This sweater is good stuff. Only I was still cold during the movie. Must remember to bring a shawl next time!


Andria said...

This post really made me laugh. I'm not a Twi-Hard either (though I'm looking pretty hard for someone to go with me to the new film). I love the sweater, and agree, black is hard to photograph.

AngelKnitter said...

I am also not a twi-hard. Have I read the books at least twenty times each? Yes. Did I make a week Long trip to Forks and take pictures of all of the cheesy twilight things? Maybe.

But, in my "I am not a twi-hard defense" I have not seen all of the movies. I hates what I did see enough to turn me off of the books as well.

And I have never knit eclipse socks.

But for that sweater, I totally would.

Mami Dearest said...

The sweater is awesome and I so understand trying to take self portraits!