Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So you like totally thought I was going to start being a reliable blogger and post often and stuff didn't you? Guess I fooled you! And myself.

I fully intend to blog often and be interesting and witty and well-written. But you know, same old same old, life gets in the way.

There were meals to cook, and a mountain of laundry to conquer. And a sick baby to rock and cuddle and obsessively check for signs of a deadly penicillin allergy (so far so good). There were phone calls to make, bills to pay, homework to check, kids to tuck in and a husband to cherish, love and yell at (not necessarily in that order). There's a Thanksgiving menu to plan, and Christmas gifts to buy, and general Holiday decorating to do. Life is busy. And life is good. And the blog? It gets neglected.

But in the midst of all the insanity I finished my socks.


Pattern: Eclipse Socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Essential, 1 skein black, 1 skein burgundy

Needles: Knitpicks Harmony Circular Needles, size 1

Modifications: After three failed attempts at an after thought heel I ripped it all out and knit a short row heel.


Review: What's not to love about these socks? They were super easy to knit. Fun brainless knitting for a tired Mommy sneaking in rows when the baby isn't looking. The ribbon of red on one sock is supposed to mimic the cover of the Stephanie Meyer book Eclispe. And the other sock boldly declared my love of Jasper. And no, Jasper is not my husband. Funny how I've showed the socks to The Greatest and he has yet to ask me who Jasper is and why his name is on my socks. He says he pays attention, but I really doubt it.

So my socks are done just in time for the premier of Twilight! I asked The Greatest if he would go with me. If I got a sitter, and made all the arrangements would he go? Bear in mind that we haven't been on a date in 20 months (not that I'm counting or anything, or desparate to go out with my beloved or anything). He agreed to go, but only if he can make fun of it.

Sometimes he really isn't the greatest.

So I guess he will be babysitting the children while I find someone else to go see it with. Anyone wanna see a cheesy teenage vampire romance movie with me?


TURBOchic said...

That would be me. My 'date' canceled for our Friday viewing and the hubby has no interest in vampire love stories. Sure he'll go see both of the Hulk movies, but a vampire love story? That's just a little too out there. ;)

Bezzie said...

I'm king of on the side of the Greatest--I'd go only if I got to openly make fun of it. That's how I watch hubby's movies--Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, all that crap, I mean cinematic masterpieces.

Amber said...

Hey Mamma if you get into one of those I think I want to run away and live in the desert moments again,(which I TOTALLY understand)I would totally help you out! It is torture to be locked in the house ALL day with a screaming sick, but beautiful baby. Also I love the socks you knitted, you are so talented!

Stephanie said...

I'd love to go see the movie, but you live to dang far away now! AHHHHH

Hope all is well, miss you!

Stephanie said...

Hey, I had to hide my blog so certain people didn't read it anymore, so email me someday, and I'll send the link to you, if you want to read it.

Kellie said...

Wow, I love your socks! I am a sock addict, and I think that i might have to do these!