Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WIP Wednesday

WIP = Work In Progress. In other words:

Wanna see what's on my needles?

I don't usually participate in the weekly themed blog posts. But I'm trying to blog with more regularity, so I thought I'd jump on this particular bandwagon today. I might not participate every Wednesday but for today it sounded like a good place to start. After the children went to bed and I could be reasonably sure of typing a few sentences uninterrupted I grabbed my camera. Like a good blogger I checked to be sure the battery was charged. Cause that's me...always thinkin'.


I hadn't even begun and I was already at fail. Undaunted I soldiered on. I was not going to be undone by a dead battery. I plugged that puppy in and watched some TV, rotated a load of laundry, and double checked that The Greatest had started the dishwasher before he left for work(He did!). I know, riveting stuff here. Once I was fully armed and ready I opened my drawer where I shove my knitting when company comes over (or when I catch the baby contemplating pulling out the needles and using them as a weapon against the cat). I was all set to document my latest work for my avid fans and future posterity.


The drawer was mysteriously empty. Lying all lonely looking in the bottom of the drawer without even a skein of sock yarn to keep it company was my favorite pair of sock needles.



This is odd. So I opened the drawer beside it. It is after all possible that the last time I was cleaning up I shoved my knitting in the first drawer I reached instead of the proper drawer.


Inside the second drawer I found a pair of baby pants, a candle catalog, two finished shawls that need blogged, and two pairs of swim goggles. But nary a WIP to be found.

Double huh.

So I started searching in earnest. I looked in every cubby I have ever utilized to stash a knitting bag, yarn ball, or stolen Halloween candy.

I found my favorite lace needles.



My favorite hat needles.


More Fail.

The more places I searched the more needles I found, but no yarn was to be seen.


Epic Fail!

Finally I found a needles with yarn on it, but this wasn't what I had in mind.


Those are the needles I used to knit Willa, and they're holding what's left of the yarn to be used to knit the button band. They MUST be stored together, lest I forget what size I was using (for what its worth, they're size 5).

Now I KNOW I have a side bar full of stuff I'm in the middle of knitting right? I mean, it is an ever growing out of control list right? So what if I can't name anything off that list at the moment. And the fact that I sat and watched TV but DID NOT KNIT doesn't mean a thing right? I decided to break down and go online. I looked at my own blog to see what was listed. The rational had something to do with maybe knowing what I was looking for would allow me to find what I was looking for. That makes sense right? And it isn't at all pathetic that I had to look at MY OWN BLOG to find out information ABOUT MYSELF? Mental crisis aside, I went online and was shocked by what I found.

Have you seen my side bar?

Four items. Just four items.

And none of them are on the needles.

In some knitting circles I would be shamed. There would be taunting and pointing and mocking. I'm almost happy I don't have a knitting circle anymore. They would make me cry. That mean old imaginary knitting circle. I didn't want to knit with them anyways.

Here's the status of my knit:

Peace Baby, all knit and seamed, waiting for a button.

Willa, still waiting to be blocked.

Darling, all knit, seamed, and waiting for some embroidery.

Dad's aran sweater, waiting for the dismantling to be complete, and some fancy math to be done so the armscye can be reworked.

And none of this is anything I feel like working on (like I've got the brain cells right now to do complicated math, the thought alone makes me laugh).

For the moment I'm not even going to dwell on the fact that while I was digging around I didn't run across any of these projects (hence no pictures). If I think to deeply about that I might not be able to sleep tonight until I rip the house apart, box by half unpacked box. I could really drive myself insane making sure my work is in fact still here somewhere and was not "accidentally" lost in the move.

What a mess.

I need to go cast on for something to calm my nerves. I need the flow of yarn and click of the needles to assure myself that all is right with the universe. But where to begin. I've got all my favorite needles. Now to find some yarn....


Bezzie said...

It's OK, I've only got two things on the needles!

LilKnitter said...

I started cleaning up/unpacking the room we've been using as storage for all the boxes we've yet to unpack and/or purge. I found SO many needles. It got a little ridiculous, actually: every box I'd open, there would be another few needles. Mostly dpns, oddly enough. I must have inherited a lot of them.