Thursday, March 08, 2012

My Knitting is a Pit of Sorrow

I used to think there was nothing sadder than knitting a project and deciding at the end that you don't love it. All that work, the blood sweat and tears, wasted. Ok, so maybe knitting doesn't make me bleed (Evil being the obvious exception) But all those hours spent creating an ugly baby. It is tragic.

Case in point:


Yes, I know this is lace that needs blocked. And my theory that blocking is actually a rare form of magic is well documented on this blog. But in this case I just wasn't feeling it. And no amount of magic was going to convince me that this project/pattern was worthy of the yarn. For what its worth, the pattern was Traveling Woman, which is a fine pattern, and one I intend to knit in the future, with different yarn that is currently only theoretical yarn, since I do not currently own different yarn to knit this pattern. But I digress dreaming of yarn purchasing. My point is the pattern is not the problem, it was just not a good pattern/yarn match.

So Sad.

Only today I discovered a greater tragedy.


Running out of yarn when you are rows from the finish line. And I didn't feel skipping those rows and binding off early was a valid choice. Again, all those hours wasted only to have it all fall apart at the end. Make my soul ache at the injustice of my yarn.

It is a good thing this yarn makes such a lovely little yarn cake.



Have you ever seen prettier yarn? I love how the colors twist around one another. And in an extra bonus it is a dream to work with. I could (and might) knit it a million times before I finally give it a permanent form.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Sounds like the dark cloud is lifting! Sometimes frogging is the only answer, and those are definitely gorgeous yarn cakes!

Sandy said...

Oh sorry that happened. Afraid I would have finished it without the edge and given it to someone....I really really really hate to frog. Wanted to pop in to say thanks, long ago you gave me direction on how to determine where I was in a pattern. A diagonal scarf. I finally got back to it, with your directions....I'm making fabulous headway. I mention you in my previous post, as a matter of fact. Been meaning to swing by to let you know.

Andria said...

I completely agree with you, you need to be happy with the end product or there is no point. It is a hard lesson I still struggle with. That yarn--is--gorgeous!

Heather said...

That's a bummer. Sometimes I hate knitting with hanks I love because the finished product doesn't live up to my dream for the yarn. Whatever you decide I am sure it will work out next time.

Jenn said...

Your traveling woman shawl actually looks pretty to me. But I do agree, if you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it. You will find the perfect pattern for your pretty caked yarn someday!!!

Erin Kate said...

I've heard so many problems in the knitting blogs this week! I'm sorry for your shawl, it really is a beautiful yarn though.

Lisa-24-7 said...

Knitting that yarn a million times won't be so bad. Sometimes projects just weren't meant to be, that yarn is destined for bigger and better things and you'll find it at some point. Until then, just continue having fun knitting with it, it's such a pretty color to let sit around!