Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm So Impressive (and apparently vain)

This morning I finished three of my UFOs (unfinished objects for you uninitiated types).


Aren't they pretty all folded and stacked like that? I think I'll leave them on my kitchen counter all day so as I walk around doing my housewife thing I can randomly stop and admire the squishy colors and textures.

 Then again I have to cook in my kitchen later (those children will insist on being fed three times a day). And cooking can get messy. I'd hate to have bits of splattered food on all my pretty squishy knits. I'd better go find a safer place to store my precious.

 I finished these three hand knits this morning. If you're really lucky I'll put some make up on at some point in the next few days and I'll show them off. But finishing three hand knits in one morning is not the impressive part of my post. Not the point I'm eventually going to make. The knitting was all done on these things. In one case, had been done for weeks. I was just weaving the ends in. Boring work, but I had Grey's Anatomy to keep me company, so it wasn't so bad. Even if it was the one with the shooter. No the impressive part, and my eventual point is this.


That is my left over yarn from the three FOs (for you muggles, that's finished objects). It was a photo finish with each one. No wasted yarn in my house.

S I'm getting pretty good at this knitting thing dontcha think?


Lisa-24-7 said...

I always have so much left over, that when I miraculously don't, I'm in shock. Those all look so pretty stacked up. They seem to go together so well.

Pumpkin said...

Oh wow, they do look super pretty all together! I would love to see them modeled, well once you are finished admiring them.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Amazing! I always think it's like whatever you knit was FATED to be when the yarn works out so exactly.