Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Things

It is sad, but my kids are getting to big to provide good blog fodder anymore.  They are out of the toddler stage where they make cute/infuriating messes with ordinary house hold items (anyone remember the industrial size can of shaving gel?  *shudder*  I do).  Normal messy bedrooms can only be talked about so many times (I think I'm going on four instances in the past month, I'm really pushing the limit).  I also suspect that they are now at an age where putting their embarrassing misdeeds on the internet for the world to see is probably a form of child abuse.  At the very least it is a credible reason for seeking professional therapy, and I simply can't afford to put a Psychologist's child through college.  I'm still figuring out how to put my own four children through college (I'm thinking scholarships For The WIN!).  But every once in a while a child does something so cute, so sweet, so funny, I can't resist.

I proudly present to you my son's math homework.


Now before you point it out, I am aware that number 15 is wrong.  This was his first pass at his homework.  He gives it to me to check and then I send him back to the table to fix the ones he got wrong.  He's not technically wrong on that last one.  But I don't think it was what they were looking for.  I made him try it again.

Between grading homework, and making dinner, and life in general, I managed to sneak in another row of owls yesterday.


I love those pretty little owls.  I'm very tempted to knit an Owl Sweater.  And I'm nearly consumed with the idea of making an Owl Obsession.  Never mind the fact that I don't really crochet.  I have a working knowledge of how to crochet, but I would call my crochet skills slightly short of adequate at best.  The pattern says it can be done by a dedicated beginner.  How dedicated am I?

In a related note, today is The Greatest's birthday. 


Is that man handsome or what!  (He humors me and my camera so)  I will spare him the indignity of telling everyone how old he is.  But I do want everyone to remember, as they're looking at this picture of him with his super sexy grey hair, that I am MUCH younger than he is.  MUCH younger.  Practically a baby by comparison.   

We're gonna go out to dinner.

WITHOUT THE CHILDREN!  (which is truly a blog worthy event, and a rare enough occasion that it needs to be written down for posterity.  How else will future generations know when to honor the occasion and celebrate The Great Childless Dinner of 2012?)

I wonder if he'd mind if I fit in a few more owls while we sat at the restaurant waiting to be served?

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