Monday, October 01, 2012

Why Hello There October!

Is it really October?

Sure, my calendar might say it is October, but I don't really believe it.  It certainly doesn't feel like October here in the desert.  It is supposed to be over 100 all week.

I'm starting to think cold weather is a myth, and winter is never coming.


Game of Thrones lies like a lying liar.

It is known.

While I wait for the weather to catch up to the calendar I have decked out my house in fall things.


Pretty pumpkins make me happy.  Although technically these might be gourds.  Either way?  Joy!

Not much else is going on. I am in serious danger of becoming one of those very boring blogs detailing the minutia of my day and what I bought at the grocery store today.  (Here's a hint:  it was groceries)

 I have yet to cast on for Hagrid 3.0.  My heart just isn't it.  I need to find a new TV series with fifty billion episode.  Something really addictive so I have to watch all fifty billion episodes in a week.  That would encourage me to sit in one place and knit.  Anyone got any good suggestions?

I did have a scary thing happen this morning.

Pork Chop was getting dressed for school and casually asked me if she could borrow one of my sweaters.

The idea of her wearing one of my hand knit sweaters to school strikes fear in my heart.  I do this girl's laundry.  I know how much stain remover her shirts require.  So the stain probability is quite high.   I shudder to think of what she would do to one of my precious hand knit sweaters.

But the far scarier moment was the moment it dawned on me that she is big enough to borrow my clothes.

Makes my blood run cold.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I'm taking away her birthday so she won't get any bigger.

Think that will work?

1 comment:

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Or stop feeding her?
Or a brick on her head?
Or knit her her own sweater in some busy variegated yarn that won't show stains?