Monday, January 28, 2013

Life Goes On

Most days I feel like this.

 photo burritoofsadness_zps87fd6b84.jpg

And that is alright for now.  It is alright for me to be sad.

I'm trying to feel happy in the little moments, so I took some pictures of things that make me happy.

  • Every morning The Greatest brings me home 44 ounces of heaven.

 photo IMG_2612_zpsf321c970.jpg

And 32 ounces of root beer to keep Sweet Pea quiet.  Her silence is also a gift for me.

  • My dogs locked in an eternal struggle.

 photo IMG_2585_zps7fe81165.jpg

They stood like that for ten minutes, just growling and standing there.

  • Ever the gentleman, boy dog gave up and went to cuddle my baby while girl dog was distracted by her victory.

 photo IMG_2607_zpseda0c294.jpg

  • I love my current knitting project.

 photo IMG_2611_zpsb414b92f.jpg

All the squishy easy garter stitch.

I also love my purple nail polish, but I don't love how chipped and ugly it is.

  • So I painted my nails.

 photo IMG_2779_zpsbdfeae29.jpg

And now I love my dark nailpolish.

  • I love my new spindle.

 photo IMG_2614_zps4b6c1775.jpg

Seriously, how gorgeous is this thing!  It is ridiculously pretty.  And did you see that roving?  It is softer than a bunny.  I wanna lie naked on it.  You can buy either at Spin A Good Yarn .  I don't see them listed on her website, but contact her, she has them.  She's another seller I know personally, and she is amazing.  Everything she touches is gold.

I will confess I have no idea what I'm doing with a drop spindle.

 photo IMG_2778_zps8ca40d36.jpg

But I'm pretty sure whatever this is, it isn't yarn.

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