Thursday, January 31, 2013

And the Hits Keep Coming

Can you believe it?

 photo zebrashawl1_zps406be9ab.jpg


Another finished object!

Now you might want to sit down so you don't fall over from the shock of what I am about to say.

This one is blocked and everything!  Ends are even woven in.  This baby is FINISHED!

I'll wait for my well deserved standing ovation.

Thank you, thank you all so very much.

Pattern: Diving In (rav link, is there any other kind?)

Yarn:  Gala Yarn, Mixed Fibers, 1 skein cream, 2 skeins black-multi

Needles:  size 6 Addi Turbos

Modifications:  No modifications.  Just blindly following the pattern.

Review:  Look at all that lovely squish garter stitch.

 photo zebrashawl3_zps30f1bbbe.jpg

I needed this pattern.  All those mindless rows of nothing but lovely, lovely knit stitch.  No thought, no measuring, no shaping, no row counting, just knitting knitting knitting.  I needed all the calming soothing knitting.

This pattern is more of a recipe than an actual pattern.  I had to guess about when to switch from plain white to stripes to plain black.  I think the proportions turned out alright.  I knit what I thought a third of the top of the shawl should be, then I knit the same amount in stripes, then I knit straight black until I ran out of yarn.

 photo zebrashawl4_zps98e62f21.jpg

Look at that super cute picot bind off.  I love it so much, but oh my goodness did it eat the yarn.  I bound off, ran out of yarn, unraveled two rows, bound off, ran out of yarn, unravelled three more rows, bound off, ran out of yarn four inches from the end of the row, gave up and finished the bind off in some plain black knit picks yarn.  I think it worked out for the best.

I knotted the "wing" ends of the shawl.

 photo zebrashawl2_zps0c7a84d9.jpg

I thought it just adds a cute textural touch.

Did you see I knit it with Gala Yarn?  3 skeins of Big Lots yarn.  This is my new $3.00 shawl.  I'm loving cheap knitting!  Again this yarn is a big mystery fiber.  The cream color yarn had a cotton/silk blend feel to it.  The black was straight up acrylic.  But a very soft acrylic.  This was a colorway that I was hoping to get more of when I went on my Big Lots yarn raid.  But alas, there was nary a skein to be found.

Suck monkey.

I was very excited to wear my new shawl.  But there was a flaw in the plan.  When I choose my yarn for this shawl I just picked two highly constrasting yarns from my stash.  What is a bigger contrast than black and cream?  I failed to realize a very important detail.  In knitting a black/cream striped shawl I had created a ZEBRA SHAWL.  And by creating a zebra striped shawl I forfeited all rights and claim of ownership of said shawl to Sweet Pea.

Because it is Zebra.

 photo zebrashawl5_zpsbd9fd99e.jpg

And all the zebras are belonging to her.

 photo zebrashawl6_zps833bdffe.jpg

Seriously.  This girl loves zebras.  She owns a furry zebra blanket, and the matching throw pillows, and zebra leggings, and a zebra dress, and a sequin zebra fedora, and a zebra box to keep her special things in, and a zebra pillow pet, and a zebra dream lite, and a zebra beanie baby, and a zebra finger puppet, and no less than three stuffed zebras.

And now she owns a hand knit zebra shawl.

Good-bye zebra shawl.  I'll miss you.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

It turned out great! And too funny about the zebras and Sweet Pea...

Minding My Own Stitches said...

My stepdaughter is a zebra-phile as well. When she was young she planned to be a zebra jockey when she grew up :) She used to dream about it.

Sweet Pea is rocking that shawl!

katie metzroth said...

Well done on making Sweet Pea such a lovely zebra shawl. I love the look on her face. Um, your spindle has kinda a zebra-esque appeal to it, better watch out!

Carmela Biscuit said...

Your daughter is simply adorable in her new shawl! Zebras are fun :)