Monday, February 04, 2013

Back Into The Abyss

Just in case you were wonding, I haven't forgotten The Abyss.

I know I'm supposed to be finishing things from The Abyss.

I had a deal with myself.  I could cast on a new project for every project I finished from The Abyss (and finished could mean turning the WIP into a FO, or it could mean frogging, either one was fine with me).

It turns out I am utterly untrustworty, and I've cheated on my deal.

I've cast on for Walpole, my unblogged Olive Basket, Vanilla Latte Socks, the Zebra Shawl, and two pairs of unblogged socks, all without corresponding FO's from The Abyss.

I hang my head in shame.

*head hangs lows*

On the plus side I have for the most part been finishing the things I start lately. So there is that.

This week I returned to The Abyss.

What forgotten wonder did I pull from its depths?  What wondrous creation will I coax into completion?  What am I frogging this week?

The answer is nothing.

I ventured into the deep not to rescue a knit, but to bury a knit.

I know, I know.  That is progress moving in the wrong direction.

Remember my unblogged Olive Basket that I mentions eight paragraphs ago?  Well, it is unblogged no more.

Behold the beauty!

 photo yarn3_zps3c4e80fa.jpg

You can't tell from that wad of knitting, but the entire body is complete.  This sweater needs two sleeves and eight inches of collar to be completed.

It is ridiculously close to being a full grown sweater.

But I've run into a glitch.

In anticipation of my growing body, and forth coming nursing boobs I knit this sweater in a size larger than I currently wear.

And man, this sweater is big.

And I am no longer anticipating a growing body and forth coming nursing boobs.

It is all too complicated.  Do I press on in the hopes I might need a larger sweater in the future?  Do I frog and re-knit in a more appropriate size?  Do I frog and knit something else entirely since the fabulous textures of the seed stitch border which I love so much is being lost in the two tone yarn?

 photo yarn4_zps4ea28a06.jpg

I don't want to deal with this right now.

So into The Abyss it goes.

When time has healed and give me more perspective I will know what to do with this knit.

In the meantime, my new socks are be-you-ti-ful!

 photo yarn1_zps15c00f8c.jpg

 photo yarn2_zps0cfe431c.jpg

ps. guess who got a light box today! *squee*


Tam said...

Yummy, squishy looking socks! As for the sweater: I say frog and move on. If it looks in real life the way it looks in the picture, you're going to hate it anyway. That very pretty yarn does not do the pattern justice. Use it for something else.

katie metzroth said...

Congrats on the acquisition of a light box! Those socks are cool.