Thursday, February 07, 2013

Knitting Everywhere!

This morning I blindly stuck my arm into The Abyss (why yes, I am brave) and I pulled out a sweater.  From what I can tell this sweater is completely knit and just needs blocked. I thought for a moment it might need the top of a ribbed collar knit onto it, but closer inspection revealed the top of the sweater was finished with an I-cord bind off.


Sometimes I really am impressed by my own knitting.

The sweater now sits in the blocking bowl.

 photo weasley1_zps5a49e8c8.jpg

I thought my blocking bowl pictures were getting a little boring, so I taped my zombie to the side of the bowl to make it more exciting.  Zombies make everything more exciting.  I need more zombies in my knitting.

I have decided it is time to finally show off the Weasley sweaters I knit my family for Christmas.  After all, it is February.  Since Sweet Pea is the only child home with me right now, I suppose you get to see her sweater first.  This blog really is starting to look like only have one child isn't it.

*hangs head in shame*

Note to self = duct tape older children to a wall so they will hold still for pictures so you can look like a more competent loving mother.

That should work!

 photo weasley2_zpscea64eff.jpg

Pattern: Elizabeth

Yarn:  White acrylic yarn I canibalized from a store bought sweater.

Needles:  Size 5 Addi Turbos

Modifications:  None necessary, this pattern was flawless.

Review:  This designer is quickly becoming one of my favorite knitwear designers for little girl sweaters.  Her patterns have a simple timeless quality with a surprising attention to detail.  Look how flawlessly the raglan increases transition to cables and then to the lace pattern.

 photo weasley4_zps00cce277.jpg

I also love the rolled edging.

 photo weasley3_zpsd1dd3c98.jpg

It rolls just enough to be interesting without overwhelming the edge.  So smart!

The entire sweater is just cute.

 photo weasley5_zpsaa5e601d.jpg

Oops, I might have been talking about my daughter just now.  Such a cheesy little poser!  She positioned herself like that.  I would never do anything so JC Penny Portrait Studios.

 photo weasley6_zpscb26af79.jpg

At the end of our photo session we were photobombed by cheeta.

Silly Cheeta.

After my frogging binge yesterday I found myself with a drawer full of empty needles.  Predictably I cast of for a new pair of socks...

 photo weasley7_zpsd34d6f73.jpg

Which were also photo bombed by cheeta.  Who taught that cheeta (aka Sweet Pea) to photo bomb?

I think I'm going to have to have a talk with the zombie.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

cute sweater, cuter Sweet Pea..and love the photo bombing

Carmela Biscuit said...

The sweater is really adorable, and so is your daughter!