Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Lovin'

What do I love this week?

I'm loving my purple nail polish.

 photo love1_zps0ed26366.jpg

I was going for an understated Valentiney feel, and I think I got more Easter Egg.  But it's all good.  Now I know what shade I'll be wearing around Easter.

I don't love that Bird came home sick from school today...

 photo love2_zps6aaaadc3.jpg

but I do love that she turned down watching a movie in bed in favor of reading a book on the couch.   Ramona Forever indeed!

I'm loving how freakishly fast this sock is knitting up.

 photo love3_zps5f6c6805.jpg

Seriously, didn't I just cast on Wednesday?

I'm loving my newly blocked sweater.

 photo love4_zps8bb9224a.jpg

*contented sigh* So Pretty.

From now on I want to knit everything in Malabrigo Sock yarn.

*wistful sigh* If only I could.

I'm undecided about these button.

 photo love5_zps9347ca96.jpg

What do you think?  Cute contrast?  Or too distracting and severely limits what I can wear with the sweater?


Tam said...

Malabrigo is crack. I advise people not to go near it unless they are independently rich. That stitch pattern on your sweater is gorgeous!

About the buttons: If the lighter areas in the sweater are actually pinkish then I love it and think it is fun. If the lighter areas are anything other than pink... I'll go with distracting and limiting. :-)

katie metzroth said...

very pretty sweater indeed! (I'm knitting socks with Malabrigo sock yarn right now. I love it too.)