Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Soul Searching

Once upon a time a fluffy pink scarf was knit.

It was the fluffiest pinkiest (why yes that is a real word that I just made up) scarf in all the land.

But the poor fluffy scarf needed a bath.

There was surprising little interest in giving the pink scarf a bath.

 photo IMG_3548copy_zps3691f3a0.jpg

So it took up residence in a corner of the kitchen.  An out of the way corner where it could watch the world come and go, yet live in safety without fear of being splashed by food.

A squishy grey cabled sweater was happily knit.  That was until it was discovered that the sweater would need blocked mid-project.

 photo IMG_3549copy_zpsc959d62c.jpg

It joined the scarf on the counter.

A tiny baby sweater was knit (causing only a tiny piece of my soul to die).

And it too found a home on the kitchen counter.

 photo IMG_3552copy_zps549d5926.jpg

Followed quickly by the matching hat.  (I'd just like to take a moment to point out, those baby knits were in fact knit well before the last minute.  Go Me!)

When reflecting upon one's life and the choices one makes, one might come to discover my kitchen counter isn't big enough for these shenanigans.

 photo IMG_3555copy_zpsc15a33c7.jpg

And that is how they all came to be blocked.

(blocking photo complete with a growing zombie hoard for excitement  because blocking bowl photos are boring.)

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