Sunday, February 10, 2013

No Rest for The Weary

Busy Busy Day.

Three little happy girls with brightly colored hair, one small girl with a fever, a trip to the store for tylenol and cough drops, working on taxes, playing Zoo Tycoon with one cute little boy,  churro waffles for dinner (note to self, next time use half the cinnamon in the churro topping).  The day slips away before you get a chance for a photo shoot.

Suck Monkey.

I did manage to spend some quality time with my darning needle while the hair dye was setting.

 photo IMG_3325copy_zpsb154370b.jpg

I was a busy bee.

I kitchnered the toes of my new socks.  Love them!

I darned a hole that myseriously appeared in my Whisper Cardigan.

 photo IMG_3322copy_zpsbf2173f2.jpg

So red and delicate and cheery, I'd like to wear this for Valentine's Day.  And three years later I am happy to report that the cardigan does stay on better when worn over a shirt with sleeves.  I love this cardigan.

I finally got around to weaving the ends in on this blue sweater.  I know I knit it seven months ago.  Better late than never.  Right?

And finally the ends are woven in on my lovely brown cardigan.  I hate to admit it but I knit the brown sweater before I knit the blue sweater.  What was it I was saying about better late than something?

Both these cardigans will now be abandoned for want of buttons.

Why do I keep knitting cardigans when I can never find buttons?

I did try on my button-less sweaters today.  I love them so much.  Finding buttons has become a top priority.

Until tomorrow, when I'll inevitably forget I'm supposed to be buying buttons.

I'm pretty sure lack of buttons is why these sweaters were put in the Abyss in the first place.

In other news I've been pondering why sometimes I try on a knit and it is instant love, other times I try on a knit and it is straight to the frog pond for my work.  I think I've found the deciding factor.

My bra.

I am much more likely to love my work if I'm wearing a shapely bra.

And blue jeans.

If I try something on over a good bra and blue jeans I'm much more likely to love it than if I throw whatever I'm knitting on over my mis-matched jammie pants and ill fitting t-shirt.

I wonder how many projects I've frogged because I was wearing the wrong bra.  Those poor poor sweaters rejected and destroyed simply because I was too lazy to get out of my jammies.

Let us observe a moment of silence for the unjustly fallen.

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Faith (the Vampire Slayer) said...

It is amazing what wonders a good bra can do. Hopefully this realization means the loss pig others was not in vain.