Wednesday, February 06, 2013


So The Greatest has ruined The Abyss.

Sometimes he's really not that great.

He has to go past The Abyss, even deeper into the depths of the closet to reach where the Christmas decorations are stored.  When he got the decorations out I moved all my craft stuff out of the way for him and returned them to the closet when I was done.  When he put the Christmas stuff away he did it all himself.  And while he was in there he took it upon himself to rearrange my boxes so they would fit better.

Did you catch that?


He is lucky he is still alive.

I can't find anything now.  He didn't put any of it back in the right order.

It is a mess.

I'm thinking I need to go into his wood shop and move his tools around just so he'll learn.

It is the only way he'll learn.

Honestly I don't have the energy to deal with it.

So I'm tackling it in small doses.

Today I frogged four half knit sweaters.

 photo frogged1_zpsc6709fc9.jpg

That would me my former Olive Basket, Miette, Flaming June, and Grown up Girl.

Let us all have a moment of silence for the fallen.

On the bright side this means I can cast on for four new things with a clear conscience, right?

And I did some actual completing of knits as well.

 photo frogged3_zpsd3147076.jpg

Pattern: no pattern, just my personal sock formula

Yarn: Gala Yarn, Mixed Fibers, 2 skeins

Needles: Size 2, dpns

Review: These started as a pair of socks for Sweet Pea. As I knit them I fell in love with this yarn. It created a nubby, boucle, textural fabric that I adore. I became very sad that I had agreed to make socks for Sweet Pea with this yarn instead of hoarding for myself. I debated frogging her socks and just knitting socks for myself, but that would have ripped Sweet Pea's heart right out of her tiny chest.  She was so excited that I was knitting her something on purpose this time.

I was delighted to find that I still had a sizable hunk of yarn left from the first skein of yarn when I finished her pair of sock. I took a chance and cast on a pair of socks for myself, hoping I could eek out a pair for my feet from the yarn I had left. I created all this from the first skein.

 photo frogged2_zps23e89640.jpg

A few days later Sweet Pea and I had matching socks.

 photo frogged4_zpseae6fed4.jpg

She was so happy to have matching socks she made me take another picture

 photo frogged8_zpsf5199c88.jpg

And a another,

 photo frogged6_zpsa325dd00.jpg

And a few more.

 photo frogged7_zps30185602.jpg

 photo frogged5_zpsd497be05.jpg

How can you say no to this face?

 photo frogged9_zps90b3d6ed.jpg

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