Monday, February 11, 2013

Bubbly Spring Socks

Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!


 photo blog5_zpsd4e19e15.jpg

Pattern:  Effervesce Socks

Yarn:  Gala Yarn, Mixed Fibers, 2 skeins

Needles:  Size 1 Harmony Needles, super long for magic loop

Modifications:  I knit 15 rows of ribbing for a longer cuff.  I also added more rows to the heel flap (32 rows total).  Don't know if this is exactly a mod, but I was very lazy about the twisted knit stitches.  I couldn't be bothered to cable with a cable needle, and cabling without a cable needle often didn't allow for knit stitches to be knit through the back loop.  So I didn't.  When they were lined up in a neat little line I always twisted them, but on the cables all bets were off.

And there were roughly a billion cable twists.

 photo blog6_zps329ac0cc.jpg

I'm sure the bubble pattern would be crisper if I had taken more care with the twisted stitches, but I am pleased with the socks as they are.  Lazy stitches and all.

Review:  I love these socks.   Nothing else to says.  My love for Gala yarn is already well documented.    As is my love for Harmony Needles.  My socks are lovely, so now I will just show off some more pictures of my socks.

 photo blog3_zps0ea6339b.jpg

 photo blog4_zpsd978d75e.jpg

I will mention that I knit the smallest size for my size 9 feet and they fit perfectly.  Something to think about if you decide to knit a pair.

My quest for buttons continues.  While I wait I have cast on for a scarf/wrap.

 photo blog1_zps26752511.jpg

No buttons required.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Great socks....I finally understood the pattern of the socks I cast on last week and finished the first full repeat..

katie metzroth said...

like these socks. adding this pattern to Q.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Gorgeous socks and yarn too. I wish I had the patience for cabled socks but the last pair I made with criss-crossing cable made me nuts. I tore the pattern into a million pieces after I finished them :(