Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Christmas Sweater

Dinner is in the crock pot.  Towels are in the washer.  Whites are in the dryer.  Lesson is planned for tonight's class.  Bad dog is cuddled on the couch with my sick child.

 photo IMG_3464copy_zpsdc89a02c.jpg

Such a bad dog.

I think it is time to sit and make some more progress on my fluffy pink knit.

 photo IMG_3508copy_zps7417f7f6.jpg

This yarn isn't as soft as it looks.  I'm hoping we can fix that with a post knit conditioning bath *fingers crossed*

That's all I've got today.

What a boring blog.

Good thing I've got more knitting to show off!  Allow me to present Bird's Weasley Sweater.

 photo IMG_3487copy_zps692c2fb1.jpg

Pattern:  Playful Citrus

Yarn:  Recycled Pink Cotton

Needles:  Size 4 Addi Turbos

Modifications:  I left off the ties on the arm.  I like them, but Bird didn't want them.

Review:  Such a cute little sweater.  This is a design from my other favorite little girl knit wear designer.  Her designs are little girl appropriate, and her patterns are very well written.

See the cute little details like the eyelets on the sleeves.

 photo IMG_3501copy_zps2047c9bc.jpg

And the shaping decreases on the back.

 photo IMG_3490copy_zpsf667b324.jpg

Notice how Bird has already managed to get a green spot of dry erase marker smack dab in the middle of her back.  I've washed it twice and can't get it out.


It is the perfect sweater for a sick little girl to wear while sipping peppermint tea.

 photo IMG_3495copy_zps8d685fb9.jpg

Or resting on the couch.

 photo IMG_3507copy_zps15a60a04.jpg

Bird loves this sweater and would wear it every day if I'd let her.  I'm such a mean Mom, making her take it off to wash it every few days.  I think her favorite part is the color.

 photo IMG_3492copy_zps1b2d6ce2.jpg

It matches her hair.

What can I say?  Bird believes in pink.

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katie metzroth said...

Good job on the laundry stick-to-itiveness. The sweater looks great! I hope she feels better soon.