Friday, February 06, 2015

I Have A Theory

There is a legend about the Lizard People of Arizona.  Supposedly they live deep below the Superstition Mountains.  They have no origin story.  No one knows how they came to be there.  Are they people with Lizard heads and human bodies, or all human but covered in lizard skin?  Or just people-sized talking lizards?  No one is precisely sure because there are no documented encounters with the Lizard People.

But I think I'm turning into one.

I have lived too long in the desert.  I no longer have any internal heat.  I am only as warm as my environment.

Like a lizard.

Case in point?

The other morning my thermostat said it was 75 degrees inside my house.

Seventy-five used to be middle of summer heat.  Shorts weather.  Swimming weather.  Gorgeous weather.

Instead I was huddled on my couch.  So cold, my teeth were chattering.


I know.

But this means I got to wear some hand knit socks.

Pattern:  Down the Rabbit Hole

Yarn:  Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn, Make Believe, 2 skeins

Needle:  Size 1 tiny clover dpns

Modifications:  None


I love socks!

 Look at those fun colors!  I would never ever ever wear a sweater that was blue and green and purple.  But as socks they work!  My inner five year old is delighted by these colors.

I think I knit this pattern mostly for the name.  I loved pairing a color way called "Make believe" with a sock pattern called "Down the rabbit hole."  The combination spoke to me.

I like how the spirals mirror each other on each sock.  And I enjoyed how the spiral went all the way to the tip of the toe.  Very well thought out sock pattern.

And that's all I have because...

Someone ran off with my socks.

I keep telling her physical therapist not to teach her to do things like crawl, and pull up on the coffee table, but this girl is unstoppable.

I told The Greatest my Lizard people theory and he told me we live in the wrong place for that to be true.  So much for running away to the Superstition Mountains to join me people in the warmth of the Earth.  I'll just sit here on the couch and shiver.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Gorgeous socks...that pattern has been in my queue awhile....and I think you need to make some of her she doesn't steal yours...How dare she!