Tuesday, February 10, 2015


My Knit Picks order arrived!  My Knit Picks order arrived!  My Knit Picks order arrived!  My Knit Picks order arrived!

I'm a little bit excited.

Or at least I was.

Until I held my new ball of yarn next to an old ball of yarn.

I knew I was getting a completely different dye lot.  And I knew there would be some variation in color.  But I must admit I did not expect the dye lots to be so very different.  I checked the label three times to be sure they didn't send me Orca instead of Obsidian by mistake.

The label say Obsidian.

I'm still not convinced the label isn't on the wrong color.

The bottom line is this yarn is useless to me.

I considered frogging the bottom half of the sweater and then striping the lighter and darker yarn for the bottom of the sweater, but I didn't like the way it was looking.  It was weird with the bodice and sleeves being the very dark grey, and then the bottom being lighter striped.

So my beautiful perfect most awesome Tweedy sweater...

is now a pile of tweedy balls.

I am beside my self with sorrow.  I am considering purchasing another 12 balls of Obsidian (so they'll all be the same dye lot, maybe 13 balls just to be safe) and starting all over from scratch.  But then I'll have to figure out what to do with the 10 balls I already own, and the two balls that don't match anything but each other.

I don't need this kind of stress in my life.  I have a baby with her third round of strep since Thanksgiving who refuses to eat or sleep.  So I don't get to sleep.  And an unexpected flat tire (although, honestly, who on earth expects to get a flat tire).  And I spent two days on the phone with my internet/phone provider.  First I had no internet because my router was bad.  So after the new router was installed my phone failed to work.  It turned out they ran my phone lines through the router instead of through the existing phone lines in the house.  And nobody wanted to fix it.  Internet said that was a phone issue.  Phone said it was an internet issue and it would cost $85.00 for them to come out and look at it.  Let me take a moment to remind everybody that this is a situation they created.  And they want me to pay them to fix it?  I don't need this kind of stress.  I've got Valentine boxes to make, and science fair projects, and IFSP meetings, and I have to be at the Cardiologist at 8 am tomorrow to look at Queen Bean's heart defect.  I have stress covered all on my own.

I don't need my knitting to cause me stress.

I think I'm going to shove the whole thing into The Abyss.

Thank goodness for new purple yarn.  14 skeins should be more than enough for a Grown Up Girl of my very own.

Please...pretty pretty please...let this yarn play nicely with the pattern.

I need this.


Nancy McCarroll said...

Yikes. We need a follow up in a week to tell us it all worked out. Except, of course, for the yarn issue.

Mattsmom said...

It is all just so sad. So so sad. Knitting is supposed to be a stress relief, not a stress creator.
What to do with not enough yarn for a sweater in matching colors, and two mismatching skeins?

I hope the rest of your weeks goes better.

Fiber Jewels said...

Knit Picks used to be my go-to for yarn.

I had knit many pairs of socks from their superwash merino. Washed them, some even ended up in the dryer. No problems.

And then I knit a pair for a friend, and they felted!!!! Cold water wash in machine, hand dried, and they felted.

Knit Picks offered to replace the yarn, but they couldn't replace the trust I lost in them!

katie metzroth said...

Is the moon in retrograde or mars in line with.....something? This week has been nasty for a lot of people....I thought my day could not get worse and then I got loud hiccups. but, I'm telling myself there are people with real issues. people that wash their clothes on rocks...You can do this! : )

Kelly Ramstack said...

Wow - what a drastic change in colors. Yikes!

Sorry you're having a stressful time right now. When it rains, it pours, right? This too shall pass.

My vote is to start something new and fun that will bring you joy. Maybe a quick knit for instant gratification.