Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's Fall Y'All

Guess What????!!!!!

Of course I've had my home decorated for Fall for weeks now.

Because I'm me, and it's what I do. (side note:  My favorite part of this picture is the football watching Husband on the couch in the back.  Makes me smile)

After I finished knitting my stripey pants I realized my hat box of sock yarn was dangerously low and lacking in variety.  It was most blue and brown.  And there were only a dozen or so colorways left.

So I thought to my self "Self, how can we get more left over sock yarn."

After much pondering of my dillema I came to one conclusion.

Short of begging, buying, borrowing, or stealing from other knitters, the only surefire way to acquire more left over sock yarn is to knit more socks!

And that my friends is where my love of fall and my love of knitting socks intersect

Just look at that fantastic fall colorway.

so full of burn red and forest green and oatmeal stripes.

The color way is called Jingle, which suggests more of a Christmas feeling to me.  It does have the red and green.  But in my mind Christmas colors feel brighter.  This feels more like the beautiful fade of fall.

I didn't use a pattern.  I just sat and knit a sock.

I know!

No pattern!

I knit the sock right from my brain!

Sometimes I impress myself!

I did try a new technique designed to eliminate that tiny hole you (or maybe I, maybe it's just me) get when you (I) pick up stitches for the gusset.

Yeah, it didn't work.

I also tried a new ssk technique, that involved slipping stitches strategically and the turning the work to purl and I'm calling that one a great big FAIL as well.  So not only did it NOT give me prettier ssk decreases, but it also created a "ladder" between the knit stitch and the ssk stitch.

So the hunt for the beautiful ssk continues.

Ladders and holes aside, I love my fall socks.

It turns out The Queen is quite the camera hog.  I wasn't sure she knew what an actual camera was.  I was pretty sure she thought only my phone took photos.  But when she saw me taking pictures of my socks she insisted on getting in on the action.

When I turned the camera to her and asked her to smile this is the face I got.

I love that face!

In honor of the First Day of Fall I cast on a project using a very faded fall feeling olivey green

Hello Pumpkin Stitch Marker!

As The Queen has outgrown almost all of her sweaters I need to get a jump on making her new ones before the cold(ish) weather descends.


FiberJewels said...

First--really I leave town for three days and you published TWO posts?>!>!!>

Cool leggings -- wish I didn't look like I was stuffed into sausage casings when I wear leggings. I LOVE yours!

Triangles -- gotta try that (though I rarely post pictures of ME on my blog).

Fall socks LOVELY!

Mattsmom said...

Love! Love this! Love you!