Tuesday, September 27, 2016


So toddler sweaters knit up ridiculously quick.  Almost as quick as baby sweaters.  I think I want to become a professional tiny sweater knitter.  Do you think there is a market for that?  And by market what I mean specifically is this:  Is there a profitable billion dollar position for a professional tiny sweater knitter that I personally can earn from my couch while eating chocolate and watching reruns of The Good Wife.


I didn't think so.

But it was nice to dream.

The tiny green toddle sweater knit up so quickly that the ends are woven in and it is already soaking in a bowl of water in anticipation of being blocked.


I know.

This is where my hand knits go to die.

But since I didn't want it to die alone I am also soaking a pair of socks that need blocked.

I know.

It is always tragic when something so young and pretty dies an early death.  Hopefully I will rescue it from the watery depths of my mixing bowl in the nick of time and revive it back to life with some careful wringing and shaping.

Even with how ridiculously quickly the sweater knit up I did feel a teeny tiny bit stranded on sleeve island.  Those stupid short sleeves took HOURS to knit.  I wanted to abandon this knit and cast on something more fun.  But I'm trying to be a freaking grown up, so I bucked down and knit on.  And since I was knitting sleeves I grabbed the sweater that I was knitting before I abandoned it to cast on for the Queen's sweater, and I started knitting the sleeves on that sweater.

Like A Boss!  3/4 of a sleeve down.  1/4 and 1 sleeve to go.

That wasn't as inspirationally catchy as I hoped it would sound.  And yes, those are a billion safety pins marking various points of interest on my sweater.

Because I hate myself.  That's why.

In other news, when I decorated for fall earlier this month I had to bravely enter The Abyss to find all my fall decorations.  Since I was in there anyways I took some time to organize all my crafting things that have been in disarray since January when The Greatest moved them to put the Christmas decorations away and then "helpfully" reorganized my things.  I put all my needle sets back together, found my missing ball winder, and realized I have quite a collection of knit that I have finished knitting and thrown into The Abyss instead of weaving in the ends and blocking.

An embarrassingly large collection.

I have decided not to view this collection of abandoned knits as a sign of my moral failing and inability to finish anything I start, but rather as a bag full of beautiful potential and possibilities.  The good news is if I start doing the finishing work I can pretty much blog a finished object every day from now until somewhere around mid-February.

Silver linings People!  Silver linings.

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