Friday, April 14, 2017

Cat For Sale...Cheap

My fat cat is a cat nip addict.

Each night when the kids go to bed she joins me in the family room where I present her with a goblet of milk and a pile of catnip served on a silver tray.

The Greatest wishes I was making this up.  

But it's true.

I am an enabler.

In October of last year Pork Chop crocheted a round cat toy and filled with with batting and cat nip.

That was hours of fun.

For some reason I hate stuffing.  Not the yummy food of the Gods you fill turkeys with at Thanksgiving.  But the white stuff you use in pillows/dolls/teddy bears/and cat toys.  I hate it.  Just hate it.  It's a texture thing maybe? Or bad flashback of middle school home ec?  I just hate the stuff.  We all have our quirks and I seem to be amassing more and more as I age.  Hating stuff is one I embrace.  (that was supposed to read "hating stuffing is one I embrace" but I think I like the typo better)

I read somewhere (probably on Ravelry) where someone kept all their yarn ends to stuff their cat toys with.  And I really really really liked that idea.  So I've been saving my yarn ends for the past six months or so.

And I've got half a cat bed full of left overs.  I could stuff three or four cat toys with my stash.

I bring this up because from looking around my blog one might be left with the impression that I haven't knit anything at all in the past six months or so.

And that impression isn't entirely wrong.

My pink socks are still in the Abyss waiting to be knit.  My red dress is still sitting on a shelf in my closet waiting to be turned into a sweater.  My Good Sweater is still hibernating in the trunk beside my knitting chair waiting for a miracle.  Even my Find Your Fade shawl is knit, and even blocked.  It is waiting for the ends to be woven in.

Another Find Your Fade and a Boho Blush shawl have joined it (see I did knit something!).  Both are waiting to be blocked.

In my defense, blocking has become a lot harder around here.  Not only do I have to fight my natural loathing of blocking (see...quirky.  also...hating stuff).  But fat cat LOVES blocking knits.  She ALWAYS lays on them.

And if the pins are bothering her she just pulls them up with her teeth.

Problem solved.

The only way to ensure my blocked knits actually dry to the proper proportions and remain relatively cat hair free is to lock her out of the bedroom.  Which is harder than it sounds.  She sits and meows at the door.  She tries to open it with her paw.  And heaven forbid you have to go in that room.  Don't let her robust physique fool you.  She is fast and she will trip you in her efforts to enter the room before you finish turning the door knob.  The other day I locked her out of the bedroom so I could block a sweater I test knit for Knit Picks.  She was so mad at me that yesterday as I sat on the couch knitting she chewed through my working yarn.  Revenge was hers.

Whose idea was it to get cats?

All of this to say I'm still alive.  I'm still knitting.  I hope to finish something one day so I may share it with you.

*fingers crossed*

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katie metzroth said...

chewed through your working yarn? moses.