Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Let the Parade of FO Begin!

I've got finished objects. I had to occupy my time somehow when I was offline.

I made these hats for my girls in Dec. 2004.

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Notice the look of extreme displeasure on Bird's face. Also notice that I made them in 2004 and they still fit in 2006. Gotta love stretchy rib! Don't they look cute? And for the record Bird will usually wear this hat without protest. This morning she was just angry that the photo session interrupted Dora. Actually they all love these hats. Even Meaty has been spotted wearing this hat around the house, atleast he's partial to the blue ones. I just love the way they look in these hats. So cute, and feminine.

So when it came time to make a hat for me I decided to try one for myself. I wanted to look cute and feminine too.

So allow me to proudly present FO #1.

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Pattern: Fun Flapper Hat, size large

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, color 8, one skein

Needles: 16 inch size 6 bamboo circulars

Modifications: I knit this circular instead of flat, so I only cast on 80 st. I ran out of yarn, so I couldn't do the second row of sc around the tops of the flower, but I don't think that was a big deal. When I was finished I had only four inches of yarn left. I was very proud of myself for not wasting an inch of yarn.

Review: Still looks cuter on the kids.

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But I'm loving the Silk Garden. It really was hypnotic to watch the yarn shift colors as you knit. I could see a real addiction in my future.


Lynda said...

Very cute - hats and girls! And, get you! - cute too!

Chris said...

Very cute! Heh, that's how Noro sucks you in - the colors are fascinating and hypnotic...

Tam said...

Cute hat! Cute kids! Cute hats on the kids! (I've been reading too much Dr Seuss.)

That Silk Garden is like crack, I'm telling you. I thought Kureyon was bad to just take over your life, but that Silk Garden is even worse. I mean "worse" in the most enjoyable sense, of course. ;-)

Areli said...

All three hats are cute on all of you. I really like the colors in yours, silk garden is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Mamma's*Pal said...

Look at you! You're so pretty!! What a cute hat. I love that Silk Garden colorway - it looks very nice on you.

stephanieayn said...

figure'd i'd delurk for a moment to say that if you loooove silk garden now wait till you wash it!

(gasp) i know!

yes you can wash silk garden, and my oh my how it softens up!

the hats are super cute btw!

candsmom said...

The hats are all so cute!! Not to mention you and the girls! ;-) You need to show off that pretty face more often on your blog! I love the Dora protest face. In our house, it's the Wiggles. Take care! :-)