Monday, October 16, 2006

My Sweet Pork Chop

Check these hands out.

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These cute hands in motion. With their shocking pink yarn.

Are these my hands?

Could be. They look like my hands, with their long sturdy fingers. But they're not. They're my hands in miniature.

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They're Pork Chop's hands.

Yes, my baby has learned to knit. I couldn't be prouder. We just spent the afternoon knitting together. Oddly enough both projects were for her. Me on some socks, and Pork Chops on her pink scarf. It's a garter stitch scarf (all knit stitch) with 25 stitches to a row. Little perfectionist, she must have knit a dozen rows, but she wasn't happy until she knit a row with no mistakes in it. She's more like me than I care to admit sometimes.

It warmed my heart when she beamed at me and declared "I just love knitting together with you Mommy." Makes her recent attitude and whining pale in comparison to how much I love this kid.

I was touched by how many people were worried about her. The day of the move she cut her chin on some playground equipment. Poor baby had seven stitches. But they only had to stay in five days. Her Daddy already took them out and she's healing nicely. She won't have much of a scar if any. Pretty soon it will just be an interesting story to tell about our move.

Most go knit some more, she's whining at me.


Amy said...

That's precious. J and I knit together the other day and it's her favorite thing to do with Mommy right now too. How sweet.
I'm glad she's recovering well from her stitches, and that you're all settling in. Glad to see you back, Mamma.

Lynda said...

So sweet - very special! She's doing a beautiful job!

Karyn said...

I learned to knit when I was 8. And my mom knitted. But we never did it together. Weird, when you think about it.

Sarah said...

Hey, it's me from your old home. I'm glad the drive and moving worked out well for you! E-mail me your new info. Jeff keeps checking airline tickets for me. I just have to find someone to come with me (and wean the baby) because I'm a chicken about flying. Porkchop looks adorable, I think she is a better knitter than I am.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet and wonderful story and i'm glad p.c. is healing well.

Robin said...

That's a very sweet story...I wish I had learned to knit at her age!

Charity said...

That's a great story! How nice that you two can knit together. :0)