Thursday, October 19, 2006

Almost a Knitting Post

Future Desert Rats

"Oh No" the gentle reader sighs "Not another child post!"

"Hey Mamma, I'm glad you moved safely and all. And your kids are sure cute and all. But I'd like to take this time to remind you that this is a KNITTING BLOG. And a crucial component of a knitting blog is KNITTING CONTENT on the knitting blog. You haven't cranked out a finished object since August. Show me the knitting!"

"Hey, my kids are freakin' cute. And check them out in their new desert surroundings. They're completely at home. Nevermind the fact that Meaty isn't holding Bird's hand, he's squeezing her arm in an attempt to hurt her in protest of the forced photo session. And don't forget I have Grandparents to appease, Grandparents who now live across the country and demand updated pictures at hourly intervals." I protest "Besides I have finished things. There were those tank tops in September, and not one but two pairs of Sock War Socks (nevermind the fact I mailed one pair before I remembered to take pictures of it, but believe me, there were two pairs). I still knit, I've just been lazy about taking pictures of it"

But today I finished something, and it was so cute I took a picture right away.

Lone Sock

Bird in her sock.

No your eyes do not deceive you. That is Bird, in something I handknit, and she is smiling. The protest may be over. A truce has been declared. The heavens opened, angels sing and peace reigns throughout the land.

Cute toes

Unfortunately there is just one sock.

I tried this one on her foot to make sure it fit before I knit the mate (I know, knitting socks one at a time, when did I start doing that?). I put this on her foot and she declared "It feels good.....I love it."

After checking the fit and determining that yes it fit well enough but still some room in the toes to grow I went to remove the sock.

In her haste to move her knit clad foot from the danger zone she kicked me in the chin.

"Don't take it off!" she scolded me, eyebrows furrowed together to emphasize her displeasure with me.

"You wanna wear it?"

"Yeah, but where's the other one"

*sigh* Must go knit the other one.


Bitterknitter said...

Love Bird's change of heart in regard to her Mama's knitting! Good thing little socks don't take too long, huh? You all seem settled and happy, glad to see it!


Lynda said...

That picture of Bird is SOOO cute! And, I love the painted fingernails and "footnails" as one of my daughters used to call them.

MawMaw said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!
Thanks for the "fix".

LC in Sunny So Cal said...

Never NEVER stop with the kid pics! (or else I'd have to stop mine...and no way!)

Charity said...

Glad to see my child's not the only one running around with one knitted sock on! I just consider it the remedy to SSS. :0)

Katrina said...

I knew that Birdie would come around one day and love her mamma's knitting. It's a beautiful thing to behold.