Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A real Knitting Post! Part I of III


The wait is over. The job offer has been made. The house has been packed. The stuff has been moved. Most of the boxes have been unpacked.


It's all over.

And I'm exhausted. As I unpacked my yarn I realized none of it excited me. I enjoyed the tactile feel of the balls in my hand. Yet, I didn't yearn to create. The soft wool failed to spark my mind with inspiration.

"Oh No" I thought. "Am I going to abandon knitting now that I live in a climate that is not conducive to wool wearing?" But a gentle assessment of what I was really feeling assured me that this is not the case.

My hands were restless. They needed movement. But while my hands twitched for some motion, any activity, my mind balked and refused to choose an avenue. My mind was tired. Too tired to create. Too tired for math and patterns. Too tired for gauge swatches, and measuring tapes. Too tired to think. It needed healing knitting. Something to keep my hands busy while offering respite for my mind. Repetitive motion to sooth my soul and allow myself to rest without engaging the brain in any form.

What I needed sock knitting. Easy footie sock knitting.

I started with Meaty's "Boy Yarn."

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Official Sock Count = 2. Just cute footies. We don't need to cover our legs for warmth here. And the socks go so much faster without the legs. And the yarn. Oh the yarn. Lorna's Laces may be my new favorite yarn. I like the yarn so much I made a pair for me. And since there was some left over: a pair for Bird.

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Official Sock Count = 6. Six socks from two skiens of yarn. Not too shabby.

Pork Chop felt left out so she got a pair too.

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I used to left over yarn to make some baby socks just cause they're cute. Now to find a baby to put them on. The sock yarn is Knit Picks Simple Stripes. One Ball.

Official Sock Count = 10.

I then made another pair of socks for Bird.

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She's outgrown most of her socks. Now that she has consented to wear my knitting it is really economical of me to just knit her a few more pairs instead of buying some. And I'm using my stash. I should get a medal. Yup, I should get a frugal medal. Preferably one made of chocolate

Official Sock Count = 12.

Meaty spied another ball of blue yarn in my yarn basket that was immediately claimed as his own for some more "Boy Socks".

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As you can see I've got a bit more work to do on this pair.

Official Sock Count = 13.

Feeling more adventurous I turned my attention to my Little Brother's socks. He asked me to knit him a pair of black socks. That's it. No other instructions. I couldn't find a pattern I liked. Did I mention he has GINORMOUS FEET, so even if I could have found a pattern I liked it probably wouldn't have fit. In the end it was easiest to just create a custom pattern, so I did.

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I know the color is all flashed out in the picture. You'll just have to trust me, the yarn is black. I stole the stitch pattern from the Knit Picks Window Pane Seaman's Scarf. I've turned the heel and now just have to knit the legs. He still lives in a wintry climate (tee-hee).

Official Sock Count = 13 (although I think this unfinished pair of socks should count as two or three socks)

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Overall I think it's a rather impressive array of sock knitting, despite the fact they are mostly generic top down footie socks.

The worst part about this. I was so busy with the move I didn't get to sign up for Socktober. Oh the injustice of it all.


Amy said...

Looking forward to parts II and III.
My neglected kids keep me from knitting most of the day so I usually knit at night, and fairly quickly but still. Not ten pairs of socks in two weeks fast.
I'm in awe.

turtlegirl76 said...

I think this makes you an honorary participant. Wow.

shiguy4076 said...

You're awesome. I love all the socks. I really like the pattern you're using for your bro. He'll love them. You knit so fast. here i've been sitting with a broken leg for 5 weeks and I haven't even finished one project and you did all those socks in 2 weeks plus moving, packing and taking care of kids. You deserve some chocolate and a trophy.

Katrina said...

Great socks! It just feels so right when you can use up the yarn in your stash and make multiple pairs. You really do deserve a medal.

Your brother's socks are fantastic. I love that stitch pattern!

By the way, I've been itching to start working on that Black Purl colorway. Let's keep our eyes open for a worthy pattern.

knitchick said...

What pattern do you use for the footie socks?

Pyewacket said...

*jaw drops*

As someone who cranks out a pair of socks every 4 months or so, I bow down to you. The black socks are beauts!

Tactless Wonder said...

You can have my Socktoberfest spot, I have been bad bad bad about the whole laid plans and all...

Holly Jo said...

You are wicked fast with those needles. Careful - you might poke an eye out.

Zonda said...

I agree, you are so a participant! You can have mine LOL! Great job on those!!! :)