Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yes, I know you're all sick of looking at Johnny Depp's cropped eyes.

"You finished a sock in one day" you cry "You must have done something else by now!"

Yes, yes I have. I've finished them in fact. But I've been sick...again. And I don't have pictures today. My camera batteries are dead...again. So instead of brilliant socks I give you the other brilliant thing I've made: My Children.

My Jumping Bean

Little People

Chessy grin

Sweet babies

That should appease the Grandparents. Look for pirate socks tomorrow.


Bitterknitter said...

Feel better soon! And, is it just me, or did the cross-country move vastly improve Bird's outlook on handknits?


MawMaw said...

Appeased I am! Thanks!