Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Taking the Plunge

I must do it. Today I must do it. As much as I've been avoiding it, and as much as I hate to do it I simply can not go on any longer without doing it. Am I talking about laundry, or cleaning my bathrooms? No (but I could be). No, today I must break down and block something.

My Shelf of Aran KnitsI've finished the sleeves for Starsky. They're done in all their stockinette curl goodness. All that's left to knit is the collar and the ridiculously long belt. But I've gone insane and decided to block the body pieces before I add the collar. I can go no further on this sweater without blocking.

This leaves me once again with the fatal choice between blocking or knitting the turtles. Truly a terrifying choice. I felt a bit paralysed at the indecision of it all. Eventually I did what all reasonable people do when faced with a no win situation. I flipped a coin. I'm going to block.

I suppose I should start with the Bathing Beauties since they're already soaked. They just need wrung out and pinned. And then I should move on to the swatches, since I'll need something to do while the bulky-alpaca-blend-that-will-take-three-days-to-dry-that-is-Starsky pieces Cutie Girl Readsdry. And from the swatches I can knit the other sweaters during the afore mentioned three days of drying time. Once the swatches are blocked I can move on to Starsky, provided I have enough pins and floor space left to pin out a wet bulky alpaca blend cardigan. And did I forget the Rona shawl? Actually I did. Then I glanced at the side bar and remembered. I should block that before I block Starsky because the lace will dry faster, and let's face it I'm going to abandon blocking in favor of knitting as soon as the Starsky pieces are dry. I must strike while the iron is hot because honestly, I'm already tired of blocking and all I've done is think really hard about it. (Cute Picture of Bird is completely gratuitous and thrown in to keep the Grandparents at bay)

But before I begin I've got to cast on for a new pair of socks to knit while the children play at the park.

Did someone say

Stop judging me. At least I take them to the park. You guys know the rule by now. An hour outside each day, just like convicts.


Bitterknitter said...

Perhaps if you pin everything out in an elaborate obstacle course, labyrinth-type maze, that might fight the tedium of blocking. Just an idea. Good luck!


Bezzie said...

Hee hee! My inmate is driving me nuts because it's too icy outside to let him have his hour in the yard!!!

Blocking doesn't bother me. All the room that blocking takes up and having to walk around it, make sure a cat doesn't nest on the pieces, does!! Good luck!

shiguy4076 said...

Hey when did Bird grow up? You make me feel like a failure as a knitter. How do you make all these beautiful pieces of artwork?

Eileen said...

You get to knit when they're at the park? I'm so jealous. Maybe I need to schedule park playdates. My oldest is in all day kindergarten leaving me with just the two year old. "You play mommy? You play?" How can I say no? My knitting happens only during nap time and bedtime. If only I needed less sleep. Can't wait to see starsky all blocked out. I can't get over how fast you got it knit.