Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Crisis is Over...Sort Of

I know this is a knitting blog. It's all about yarn, and sticks, and the intersection thereof. It's all about sweaters and patterns. Sure there are some cute kids thrown in, but really this is a place to show off my handiwork. Because let's face it, no one in my real life truly appreciates my knitting like you do. But the time has come, I can't hold back any longer, I must say it...Yarn...blech. Really can't stand the stuff. The mere thought turns my stomach. It's been weeks, and the sight of the red sweater still make me gag. Honestly, my baby will probably never wear a red hooded cabled sweater. He/She will probably out grow the thing before I can bring myself to finish it. He/She may not even be allowed to wear red in general.

I fear I may have to burn the sweater as a sacrifice to the Knitting Gods, or the Pregnancy Gods, whomever I have angered. Who knows, it might be the Parenting Gods, or the Good House Keeping Gods, maybe the Blogging Gods...I don't know. I'm slacking all over the place lately. Could be anyone. But a sacrifice will be demanded.

Since I am not really knitting lately The Greatest is starting to eye my stash and wonder out loud if we can sell it on eBay for the diaper fund. He has also mentioned a time or twenty all the room he'd have in the office if my yarn weren't taking up so much space. I don't know what he'd do with that imagined room, but he's fixated on all the hypothetical room he'd have if only my yarn were not standing between him and his dream. Sometimes he's really not that Great.

But do not worry. All is not lost! It's Katrina to the Rescue!

We have this random habit of creating the world's smallest knit-a-longs. Just me and Katrina. It's a lot of fun. Trust me, you all wish we would let you knit with us. It started with the Pirate Knitting. Then we knit a poor little sock called Tatiana's Revenge, that never did get a button, or a blog mention. And if truth be told, neither of us ever finished the Tatiana socks. But we're not going to let a little thing like an unfinished pair of socks stop us! We've got a new knit-a-long...Bee Socks.

I am the first person to knit a Katrina Original Pattern. She sent me supplies

Love in the Mail

You will notice that the provisions included not only the yarn for the Bee Socks (Socks that Rock Lightweight in Sherbet), but an assortment of knitting patterns, and some lovely fawn colored Cotton Ease (Hooray to Lion Brand for bringing back Cotton Ease. Shame of them for discontinuing it in the first place).

How can anyone resist knitting when there is Sherbert colored Socks that Rock yarn? The yarn is unusually soft for Socks that Rock. Cheek rub soft. It's wool, but different from the red wool, I don't get red wool flashbacks when touching this yarn. And best of all, in all those crazy colors there is no RED! There is pink, and darker pink, but no true red. I can knit with this. No gaging, no dry heaves, no stomach turns. Just an irresistible craving for Skittles.

More Postal LoveI've been on the receiving end of Katrina's love before. Courtesy of Katrina I am the proud owner of the entire Cookie A Spring/Summer Sock Pattern Collection. And when her knitting guild had a shop hop, she didn't forget me. She sent me a swag bag. Trust me, you all wish you had a friend like Katrina!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go knit...


Tammy said...

Pregnancy creates all kinds of havoc in a woman's life... but not wanting to knit?! Oh my! I'm glad you have a good friend to come to your rescue! Love that STR!!!!!

Amy said...

That's awesome, Mamma. Hope that the Skittles ease your tummy some and that you enjoy your Bee Socks KAL!!!!!

Bezzie said...

I love your two person KALs!!