Thursday, June 28, 2007

You are so going to want to knit this....

I'm in love with knitting again! I love knitting! I love the rhythm of the needles, I love the flow of yarn through my fingers, I love watching something being created before my very eyes. Socks suddenly exisiting where before there was only potential. And I love not red yarn!

The Bee socks are buzzing along. We've hit a few snags. But every design must evolve right?

The first incarnation

My favorite, too bad I'm not Hagrid

Super cute isn't it! But alas, it was enexpectedly stretchy. Turns out the bee stitch is very elastic. I cast on 60 stitches using sock weight yarn and could fit it on my daughter's head. (Should have taken a picture of that. I'm a bad blogger.) My feet are not small, but they're not that big either.

The next incarnation

But it really is upside down

I did a gauge swatch! And Math! And I even tried to account for the super stretchy-ness of the bee stitch. Not bad. I liked the way the colors knit up in the first try better, too much orange here. And where did the green go? But there is a kind of cool plaid effect going on. Overall? Not too shabby. But Katrina pointed out the pattern stitch was upside down and she liked it better right side up. I must confess I thought this upstanding mother of three was smoking crack. But the more I stared at my sock and flipped my sock this way and that I realized she was right. The pattern stitch was most definitely upside down and it didn't look as nice. There was only one inescapable conclusion that could be drawn from this.

The sock would have to be knit *gasp, shock, horror* toe up.

So toe up I knit.

Toe up perfection

I still prefer how the colors knit in the first sock, but this isn't too bad either. Still too much yellow and orange. And I swear there used to be green in this yarn. But the sole of the sock is super cute.

Serious flashing starting

What can I say, I secretly love flashing. Don't hate me. These socks are going to rock.

So in total I have started this sock three times, and I'm still in love. You are so going to want to knit this pattern!


lynda said...

I love that yarn - very happy stuff. I'm a secret fan of pooling also (but only in socks), it fascinates me.

Zonda said...

Glad you are doing better! Love the sock so far, hope the green returns to you! :)

Sue said...

Alas, I am not a knitter, but I enjoy reading everything that you all have to say and all the creations you have made. I am what I thought to be a good friend to Amy and I have enjoyed her posts and missed her gaps from blogging for it is the only communication I have from her. I am excited over her new found pregnancy and long to share in the excitement. I miss the days in which we would spend together; days in which she may have tried to teach me to knit, (however I am not a good student), or just share in the trials, tribulations and joys of motherhood and being ourselves! Knitting is something I hoped I could have shared with my Mom before she passed, a connection that
Amy and her Mother had. Amy has taught me how to be strong in many ways, and I hope you all appreciate how wonderful of a person she truly is! I miss you dearly my friend.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Toe up is always the solution--sometimes it takes a while to get this point (I know it did for me)--but it just is!