Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's Game Day Baby!

I am a lucky woman. I really am. The Greatest only watches one sport. ONE SPORT PEOPLE. So instead of being forced to watch an endless stream of sports games throughout the year I only have to suffer through them for a few month. The sport in question? Football. Specifically College Football. Don't give him any professional players who only care about how big their bonus is. He wants to watch athletes with heart who are happy just to play the game. And really, he only loves one team. The team in question? Michigan!

Being the good wife I am, I knit him a pair of team socks. Maize and Blue.

Michigan Socks

These socks were knit on size 1 dpns using the Charade Sock Pattern.

I love these socks. And so does The Greatest. They are so comfy. The yarn is perfect, soft and cushy. The colors are vibrant. Blue and yellow is very hard to dye, usually there is green where to two meet. But the dyer (I'll get to her later) was skillful and there was very little green. These socks fit him perfectly. This was it. Perfect socks, perfect fit, it was going to be a perfect season. By wearing these socks every game, The Greatest was going to single-handily ensure that Michigan has a winning season this year. Not just a really good season, but a Title Winning Season.

The Greatest got up this morning and put on his socks. Hopes were running high. The game wasn't televised in our region, so lots of sports center updates were anxiously watched. Things went well, then they didn't, then it looked like they were going to win in the last minutes...but...

Michigan lost today. They lost 34-32 to Appalachian State. Appalachian State for goodness sakes. They aren't even a ranked team. I don't know much about football, but I do know they're not in the Big Ten, or the Pac-Ten, or any other of those football conferences The Greatest is always chattering about. We should have beaten them the way Penn State beat Florida International (59-0). But we lost.

I blame the socks.

The yarn is called Team Feet. The dyer specializes in team colors. I purchased them from an etsy store. The dyer is Pink Sheep. She's a small dyer, and like I said before, very skilled (how did she manage to get so little green?). But go look where she lives. I'll wait. Go look.

She lives in Ohio. OHIO! In case you don't know, that is significant because Ohio State fans HATE Michigan. I should have realized the yarn is cursed with all kinds of football bad luck. And no amount of football good luck knitting can overcome bad luck that is dyed into the yarn.

Michigan lost today. I blame Pink Sheep.


turtlegirl76 said...

Hahahahahaha. I like that excuse.

Good to see you back in the blogosphere again.

Tammy said...

LOL! Sorry for your husband's loss, but the socks look great. I actually watched that game with my sons. I don't watch very many games with them but this one caught my interest. Let's just say the socks I knit are scarlet and grey. ;)

shiguy4076 said...

I'm so glad to see you updating. I've so missed you. TEE hee hee, Sorry that the greatest's team lost. I'm a Ohioian and my husband loves OSU even threatened once to spray paint their logo on our lawn. I don't think the bad yarn voodoo was on purpose :)

TrixieG said...

Those Michigan socks are nice and everything but I really want to see that black and white photo in color!! Pretty please! The suspense is killing me. I have no guess. I have no patience. :-)

P.S. It's almost biscotti time.

Dani said...

Oh, so it's your fault? My husband has been ranting all evening about this game, wondering how this could happen, and all the time it was the socks. ;)

Bezzie said...

Hahahahaha! Pink Sheep did my team yarn that I posted today too--and guess what? Colorado State lost too! But granted by three in OT, and to a Big 12 team--not a Division IIA school, and it didn't break any 29 year records of the first time a ranked Division I school losing to a Division IIA school since the inception of the label Division IIA....but it was still a loss.

I'm probably not helping here am I? ;-)

My condolences to the Greatest. Dr. MS was pretty upset. And I know what it's like to have a sad-one-team-watching-husband around.

Stephanie said...

hehehe, my mother was SOOOOO pissed that Michigan lost. No matter how hard I try to root for a Big Ten team, Michigan is the one team I can't seem to give a "GO BLUE" for...sorry they lost though, that was kinda NOT a good game. Don't worry, I couldn't watch Ohio State either, because of the new Big Ten Network...

Pinkwool said...

Oh dang, I should be reading the blogs of my buyers more often! lol Glad you like the yarn and sorry about the curse. Guess I need to let up on the bad juju while dying that wretched mix of colors. ;) Maybe I'll just stick to blaring the OSU fight song while dying That State Up North colorway. Hehehe

The socks for your lil bean are soooo cute! I have a baby feet addiction too, could kiss 'em all day. :)