Friday, September 07, 2007

Now I'm just showing off!

I've been a terrible blogger. Just terrible. I was shocked to realize that I have only posted 15 times since March, and not a single post was written in July. I'm amazed anyone is still hanging around checking my blog. And my little list of "Stuff I Knit" doesn't even begin to cover all the stuff I've actually knit. This blog is supposed to be a record of my knitting, so I'm pulling out some old finished objects just to have a record somewhere that says "hey, I made that!". I won't bother posting the ones that didn't work (The Gatsby sweater comes to mind, beautiful, but too small). But the ones that did work? I must show off. So here's a raging success, and blatant jumping on the knitting bandwagon. Let me show you my Monkeys!

You know you wanna touch my Monkeys

Pattern: Monkey from Knitty

Yarn: Sock That Rock, medium weight, in Downpour, 1 skein

Needles: Who can remember at this point, but probably size 2

Modifications: None, but I wish I had shortened the heel flap, it is a little too deep.

Pretty MonkeysReview: Well, everyone and their knitting dog have already made a pair of these socks. And for good reason. Unlike the Jaywalkers that everyone knit but needed extensive modifications to fit real feet, these socks are stretchy and wearable with little to no modifications required. The lace pattern is lovely yet, looses not visual interest when knit with variegated yarns. I knit these so long ago I really don't have much to say about them, I don't remember much, except loving the yarn colors. They are so pretty. But I could really feel the dye and I wasn't sure how I felt about that. I suppose you lose some lofty squishy softness to get that sheen. I also think I like the lightweight sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts better than the medium weight, but that's a personal preference, probably based on the climate where I live.

More Useless Monkey

Really I'm just posting these so you can admire their loveliness. More useless show off posts to come.

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Tammy said...

Love 'em! I've been dying to knit these... actually not too sure why I haven't yet. Anyway, don't you just love the STR yarn?!

I'm still coveting your "Neglected" Ruby Sapphire yarn. Maybe I need to go see if she has any more sitting around for sale.