Monday, September 10, 2007

Just a drive by posting...

Can't post.

Must start packing.

No that's not an error.

I didn't mean, must keep packing.

I meant must START!

Must pack 2 adults, 3 children, one baby on the way, one dog, and one cat's worth of belongings in five days.

Why do I do this to myself?

In the meantime admire the world's sweetest booties.

Cute 1.0

The pattern is Saarjte's Booties. I liked them so much I made two pairs.

Cute 2.0

If only I'd bought the correct number of buttons.

Buttons, my old nemesis, you have bested me again.


Laura said...

Why do you do this? Probably the same reason I've done something similar: I really think we have a secret fear of being bored. (Not that this is ever realized, of course.) Best of luck!

Olivia said...

those are so cute!

Stephanie said...

I know exactly how you feel! When we recently moved...I started packing, but then I was just tired, and kinda depressed to have to do it. Once we moved, the mess that was left after all the furniture was out, and the realization that it must be done, HIT me like a TON of bricks! Happy Packing my friend, wish I were there to lend you a hand!

Christy D. said...

Good luck with the packing. You can do it! Just take a head count before you seal up all the boxes :)

Love those little booties, they are just precious. And it's good to see you posting again. I like your blog so much, I have a link to you on my blog.