Monday, October 01, 2007

So Tired of Moving!

We are all moved. Mostly....

The old house is sparkling and ready to have the keys handed back. The new house is coming together. The things in the house are for the most part unpacked. But I refuse to even think about all the boxes hidden in the garage waiting to be unpacked. Many of which were never unpacked from our move last year. I'm wondering if I quietly threw them out unopened if I would ever miss them.

I am so sick of moving. The Greatest and I sat down the other day and counted it up. In almost ten years of marriage we have moved seven times. SEVEN TIMES. It's no wonder I don't own any lamps that are more than two years old. It is a wonder that we've managed to own the same tv during our entire marriage. I used to love Nomad living, but in my old age? Not so much. I'm almost ready to settle down.

The new house is fine. It's got four walls and a roof. That's the important thing. The kids bedrooms are smaller than I'd like, and the backyard is WAY too Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketsmall for our family. But I've got a kick ass master bedroom suite, and an island in the kitchen, so it's a trade off. I've never had an island in my kitchen before and I must confess I love it. I love it more than I would have ever imagined. The absence of an island in the kitchen will be an automatic deal breaker when we go to buy a house. That is how much I love that cabinet in the middle of the room.

With all the packing and cleaning, and unpacking and cleaning one would think I haven't knitted a thing. But one would be soooooo wrong. I've been a knitting fiend.

Recently a friend of mine co-chaired a benefit dinner for a family we know who's son has cancer. This brave little boy is just over a year old, so little, and so strong. He is currently in remission, but even with insurance his medical bills are staggering. Part of the benefit dinner included a silent auction. I knit a baby set for the auction.

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Pattern: Baby Coat, Bonnet, Mitts, and Bootees Published by Copley 1977

Yarn: Pomfret Mark II Sport Yarn (100% virgin wool), 3 balls for entire set

Needles: Size 4 and 2

Modifications: None really. I just followed the pattern as written. Imagine that?!!!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Review: There is something to be said for knitting with 100% wool. It just knits up so nicely. And what can beat baby knitting for instant gratification. The booties alone took one night to knit. If my own tiny sweet pea didn't already have so many sweaters and knit things either knit or planned to be knit I would make another set for her. But alas, I live in the southwest and there are only so many knitted things this child can wear.

Our next move is going to be to somewhere very cold, sweater weather practically year round! And I'm sure with the way we move about the next move will be next fall.


Stephanie said...

Those are beautiful!! I can't really see the pic of the kitchen you put in there, but it looks nice! Hope all is well, take care!

shiguy4076 said...

So glad to hear you are all moved in. I've missed your posts. The set is absolutely beautitul. What amazing work you do.

Bezzie said...

I can't believe I'm going to use this word, but that baby set is darling!

I'm with you on the moving. You probably have an irrational fear of throwing away perfectly good cardboard boxes don't you? I'm the same way.

Olivia said...

The house looks great! Everytime I make bread I wish I had an island. As for the sweater problem, if you keep your house really, really cold (down in the 60's) then you can wear all your sweaters! Too bad you'd probably go broke with all that air conditioning.

TrixieG said...

Glad to hear you're all moved and getting settled. The baby set is just lovely.