Friday, October 19, 2007

And into the pile it goes

Unfinshed like the others

My poor blue scarf. It never really did stand a chance did it. Here it lies. Completely knit. All that is required is a three needle bind off. But in a stroke of madness I've decided grafting would be prettier. Only this is garter stitch and I don't know how to graft in garter stitch. A quick google search turned up these instructions. Looks easy enough. I'm just unmotivated right now. It has gone to join the other pile of knits awaiting finishing work. Really I think I'll have to hide all my needles so I can not cast on anything new until I buckle down and do my finishing work.

But even that wouldn't help right now. I'm on a new mission. Since it is October, and it is 12 days until Halloween, I've decided to finally get around to making Pork Chop's fairy costume. The procrastination isn't my fault this year. The Greatest is working seven days a week and I have been unable to get to a store to buy the required yards of satin and nylon with which I will craft this years costume masterpiece. This was remedied yesterday when I stole the car to go to the Dr (the baby is fine by the way and measuring really big). On the way home we picked up this.

So much potential

Now I'm not sure why out of all the lovely lilacs, pinks, and blues Pork Chop was drawn to the gold Satin, but she will be the most elegant of faeries draped in gold and cream. Wish me luck.

And since you're all so impressed with my night stand allow me to dazzle you with my Knitting Corner, complete with the happiest of cats lying in a patch of sunlight.

Knitting Bliss

The cabinet holds my favorite yarns. The table holds a candle warmer in my favorite scent (Wal-Mart's Baked Apple Pie, which doesn't smell at all like Apple Pie, but more like Hallmark's Apple Orchard). The window overlooks a grassy place the children like to play. It is a good knitting spot.


lynda said...

Oooh, I love your yarn cabinet. I'm seriously thinking of taking the china and crystal out of the china cabinet and filling it with yarn instead :o)

Can't wait to see the fairy in her costume!!

Tammy said...

A very fine knitting spot indeed. I am very impressed that you have time to knit while keeping your house so clean!

shiguy4076 said...

I love the scarf!!!! I love pork chops choice of fabric. She has a good eye and taste.