Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We can all sleep soundly tonight

The insurgents have been ruthlessly dealt with. Any plots of revolution have been squashed. Order reigns once more in my kingdom.

Orderly Again

We can all sleep soundly tonight free from rogue beads implanting themselves in our skin. And we are free to wander in the dark barefoot without fear of vicious dpn attacks. Life is good.

Well, except for the dog. The dog is depressed.

I swear my dog used to have a head

I'm not sure if she is hiding her head in shame because she briefly joined the opposition. Or is she is troubled that her plot of a hostile take over was so easily destroyed. Or maybe she just misses the ball of pink yarn. It is the same yarn Bird would cradle and sing to when it was still in hank form. Personally I don't see the attraction. Don't get me wrong, I like the yarn. What's not to like about Socks That Rock Yarn. And it is the lightweight, my favorite Socks That Rock weight of all. But there's a little too much purple in the colorway for me. Go figure.

As I was organising my knitting I realized the root of my problem.

Hmmmm something is missing

See these? All these knits have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is? C'mon, I've had this problem for years, it's just never been this bad. You know what it is.

They're all completely knit.

Each and every stitch on each and every item is completely knit. They no longer require a knitting needles. All that's left is the finishing work: sewing seams, weaving in ends, blocking, a little embroidery work on a few of them. These were all knit, then abandoned ten feet from the finish line. It's rather sad really. I should pull out my beloved Chibi needle (if you don't have a Chibi you really should, they're right up there with Addis) and spend an afternoon seaming.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

There's still knitting left to do on the beaded scarf.

Needs more knitting


Rubys & Purls said...

I've found I have the same problem. My knits just keep piling up waiting to be seamed or ends woven in. Good Luck on finishing them soon.

It's good to hear from you again too. Can't wait to see the newest addition soon!

Tam said...

No place in my house is as clean as that nightstand picture. sigh. I will just live vicariously through your neatness until my children all move out.

I'm a little confused. You uttered an incomprehensible phrase. You said that a colorway had "too much purple". That's like saying there is too much oxygen in the air or too much chocolate in M&Ms. That must have been a typo. I have never uttered that phrase in my life!

Maria said...

I can't sleep tonight, because my bedroom still looks like that! I use having 5 kids as an excuse, but it's my mess, not theirs!!!

I never had the nesting thing happen. I would just lay on the couch and whine. Oh, sometimes I still do that. Only now I knit and whine.

Tammy said...

I have 2 FOs sitting next to me... one needs to be blocked and one needs buttons. Just buttons... and only 3. Someday.

I love the beaded scarf you're working. Are you working from a pattern? And what yarn are you using?

Oh, and I'm with Tam. I gasped when I saw your nightstand picture. Tomorrow I'm going to find one little corner of my house to clean so it looks like that. One itty, bitty corner.

Bezzie said...

Oh wow! Way to go!!!!! Very impressive organizing job!!!