Monday, October 15, 2007

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

I might require an intervention. I am starting to think I might need help. My WIPs are officially out of control. I fear they are on the verge of staging a bloody revolution.

My current knitting projects are usually kept in a knitting bag between my bed and my bedside table. The table also has a tiny shelf just the right size for holding books and a small project bag if I'm working on socks. Usually everything is all neat and tidy. Knitting is by my bed where I can reach it. Accessories are organized in little pouches and bags for easy access. It is a knitters dream. But right now, not so much.

Send help!!!

In addition to the large knitting bag filled to the brim with projects, there are three smaller project bags also holding projects at various stages of completion. Then there's the knitting that doesn't fit in the bags anymore. Like a river swollen from the rain whose banks can no longer contain the fury therein, my knitting has spilled over to conquer the outlying areas of my bedroom. Did you see the hand knits just thrown on the floor under the table? Usually my knitting gets more love than that.

And the table top itself?

Just Like A Where's Waldo Picture

It's like my accessory bag threw up. I'm inadvertently living in an i-spy page. There's three and a half sets of dpns, a row counter, stitch markers, random pattern pages, scissors, a chibi needle, a tape measurer, odd yarn balls, some artwork from the kids, and my favorite chapstick thrown in for variety. Can you find them all? And in the interest of complete honesty in blogging I left my candy wrappers on the table. I considered removing them for the picture, but really, I feel no shame. The baby needs chocolate!

The sad part in all this mess is the chaos isn't what is causing me concern. I like to keep my home neat and tidy. I like it to be child-friendly, and that little corner of my world with the tiny pieces, and scissors just laying around willy-nilly, is decidedly not child-friendly. But still, despite all my nesting urges, I felt no compulsion to purge the mess from this aspect of my life. You'd better believe all my baseboards have been scrubbed with a toothbrush in the past week. That cord thingie behind the toilet that no one ever sees? It is shiny and dust free. But the highly visible table top beside my bed? It has been declared a federal disaster zone. There was no desire what so ever to sort my dpns back into their beautiful case, all neatly lined up by size and length. There was no need to gather my knits and fold them back into beautiful knitting bags safe from dog hair and sticky child fingers. No pressure at all to actually complete some of my knits. I was completely comfortable to surround myself in knitted chaos. It's my bedroom, the children aren't supposed to play in here anyways. My anal orderly ways were at peace with the state of my room. And that should have been cause for concern. But it wasn't.

What I did find to be troubling was stepping on a double pointed needle last night. It was part of an unfinished sock I was knitting for Bird. I'm not sure when in all the chaos the sock lost it's coveted place in the big knitting bag and was banished (or promoted as a soldier in the revolution?) to the floor. But in the semi-dark I did not see it there. The dpn is metal not wood, so there was no harm caused to the dpn. But considerable harm was caused to the instep of my foot.

This is where I draw the line.

When the knitting starts attacking you in the semi-darkness.

My corner will be purged today. I am expecting a bloody massacre. There will be casualties. Many a knit will take a trip to the frog pond never to be seen again. Or be mercilessly plunged into a bowl of water for blocking only to be abandoned for dead like the tiny pants. Some, depending on their loyalties, might even be promoted to Finished Objects. But there will be carnage today. I'm feeling ruthless. It won't be pretty.

My foot is sore and I'm cranky.

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Stephanie said...

I was about to say, this doesn't seem to be you! Hope your doing well!!!!