Monday, October 22, 2007

Queen of Procrastination or Highly Motivated?

I suffer from a rare form of amnesia. Most mothers suffer from it, so I guess it isn't that rare. Gender specific amnesia? Maternal amnesia? It might be caused by a chemical in the brain, or it might be the result of the trauma of motherhood, or it might just be a gift from God, but there is a certain degree of forgetting that occurs in the mind of a mother. Things that are forgotten include the severe pain of childbirth, just how terrible the terrible two's are, and the fact that that third year of life is even worse than the second. In my case this amnesia also extends to satin.

Every October I stand in the fabric store mesmerized by this shiniest of shiny fabrics. I can see in my mind's eye how stunning my little girl will look swathed in this shimmer of smooth beauty. I imagine how grown up and special she'll feel wearing something so lovely that I made for her. I know how she'll feel because that's how I felt wearing some of the costumes my Mother made for me. I want to create those memories for her. In a haze of delusion fueled insanity I buy yards and yards of the stuff. I eagerly bring it home and lay it on my table covered with carefully cut out pattern pieces. But as the scissors make their first cut I remember.

Satin is an evil fabric created by the Devil himself to torture people like me.

As I fight with the slippery fabric cutting out fairy shaped pieces my amnesia is lifted and I remember that every Halloween, when I put the final stitch in the hem of her dress, I vow to never ever ever ever ever sew another satin costume again. Yet here I sit with piles of gold and cream, and a tiny girl anxious for her fairy costume.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I am avoiding another project. I spent five hours cutting out pattern piece after pattern pieces. If I never see another leaf shaped petal skirt it will be too soon. My back is sore, already thrown out of alignment from my burgeoning belly, the hours spent bent over a table were a bit too much. I'm not ready for a marathon of sewing bent over my trusty sewing machine. Refusing to cast on another project until I get some finishing work done on my old projects, I did what any knitter would do. I dyed some yarn with Kool-aid.

And it was so much fun. I had three skeins of cream wool left over from the charity knitting. I didn't want to knit another cream sweater, one of the sweaters awaiting finishing work is a cream sweater for Bird. So the logical conclusion was dye the yarn a different color. I choose green. The children "helped" me which of course is code for

ran their cars up and down the yarn as I wound it into dying skeins

Fiber Race Track

poked the yarn while it was soaking in wash water until I feared it would felt

Please don't felt the wool

dyed everything in the kitchen green except the yarn

The dye goes ON the yarn

Whined while the yarn cooled that they wanted to dye some more

Hot Yarn!

Refused to stop touching the yarn while it hung to dry

Stop running through the yarn!

Both the yarn, the children and I survived the process. And this

Boring Yarn

Was transformed into this!

A Yarn Masterpiece!

I was going for a shaded solid look, and I don't think this turned out to terribly awful. In fact I'm thrilled with it. Overall it is made of lighter shades of green than I envisioned in my mind, but hey, it was my first time. And it certainly won't be my last. I'm anxious to see how it looks when knit. But first I have some unfinished knitting to attend to.

Could it be something blocking?

Could that be something tiny and orange finally laid to block?

And there is that dress to sew.

We mustn't disappoint the fairy princess.


Olivia said...

I am beyond impressed by the cream to green yarn! Yay you!

Tammy said...

Your yarn turned out awesome! But tell me the truth... did you maybe raise your voice at least once with the darlings? I have so little patience with my kids at times I think they fear doing crafts with me.

As for the costumes... my mom was a great seamstress but my Halloween costumes were always store bought. She must've learned about satin very early on.

Dani said...

I'm impressed you're sewing costumes at all. I've been busy tying tulle around elastic to make the fairy skirt. No sewing skills here.

Your yarn looks great. It looks alot like the kool-aid green I made for A Little Fishy.

shiguy4076 said...

I love the yarn. You did a awesome job. You are a patient mother to dye yarn and cut out silk for your children. Awesome

Sarah said...

Is there anything you can't do? Your pictures even look like they were taken professionally.

Jen said...

hahahaha! I love the way you turned a step by step story on yarn dyeing into something much more interesting. I must remember this technique when I blog. Thanks for the tip!

Also, I am sorry for the amnesia. I have the same problem with camping. I love it, but the instant I pack up I forget about the spiders, sleeping on the ground, the ash that gets in your eyes from trying to cook dinner in one pot...

Bezzie said...

Oof. Yet another reason I stand by my decision not to learn to truly sew! Good luck with the satin!

Love that green!