Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Now I'm really concerned

I'll admit it. I had good intentions yesterday, but that's all I had, not actual ambition. I was going to go all ruthless on my knitting and get it under control. But life gets in the way. I had a bathroom to clean, and kids toys to organise, and ridiculous built in shelves to scrub (because I must scrub anything that stands still). I started cleaning at the front of the house, and by the time I got to my room, in the very back of the house, I was just done for the day. I didn't want to deal with my knitting in a practical manner. I didn't want to sort, organise, and make decisions concerning my knitting. I just wanted to knit.

So I did what any wise knitter would do. I cast on for a new project. A beaded scarf. And truth be told I didn't do any actual knitting, instead I spent the evening stringing the beads onto my yarn in preparation for knitting the scarf, pre-knitting if you will. In the process I created a beautiful disaster with beads everywhere when I wasn't smart enough to figure out how the twelve pre-strung lines of beads were held together and managed to dump all twelve over my unmade bed. I thought I managed to find them all tucked into the corners of my sheets and blankets, but I woke up with a bead in my shoulder this morning. I'm sure I'll be finding beads for weeks.

So despite the fact that I had made the condition of my room worse not better I wasn't concerned. I don't think my yarn is very well organised in this revolution they are planning. I thought it could wait another day without serious repercussions. But as I was preparing to go to bed I found this.

Sleeping with the enemy

This is the dog. And she is cuddling the very same ball of yarn that stabbed me so painfully in the foot the other night, without provocation on my part I must add. I am not sure what to make of this. Has the dog been recruited as a soldier to the opposition? Is the dog secretly the leader of the opposition directing the yarn in their attack? Does the dog merely like pink and wish I would knit her four puppy socks to keep her paws warm on the cold tile?

I haven't decided what this means. But I'm sure it does not bode well for me. I'd better conquer the yarn today.

Just as soon as I finish stringing the rest of the beads, of course. A girl's got to have priorities.

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Tammy said...

Does the fact that your disaster made a tired gal laugh help at all? I can't wait to see your beaded scarf. They are so enticing but I don't think I could get through the stringing the beads part.