Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Two Down...

Two to go!

And I cheated on this one too. The only thing I made was the tutu.

At first she wasn't so sure about the entire affair.


The light in the room was bad, so I thought maybe she was protesting the sub-standard photographing conditions. She can be it bit of a diva, but she is the consumate professional, aware of what light and angles work to her advantage. We tried outside.


Nope. Not any better. We did just use the bench last weekend for a cute photoshoot. Maybe she was annoyed with my lack of imagination.

Maybe the swing?


Alright, on the swing it wasn't so bad. The new location must have been deemed pleasing. She even decided the tutu needed investigation.


But we didn't get any real smiles until we placed the girl in front of a mirror.


She thinks she's a pretty cute devil too!


Bezzie said...

Holy crap, or should I say unholy crap? That's the cutest devil ever!

Dani said...

So fabulous! The tutu, too.

Stephanie said...

hehehe, so cute!

turtlegirl76 said...


shiguy4076 said...

That is amazing. It's a wonderful costume. Hey I'd wear that tutu too if I was 20 again :)

Patty B. said...

Great job on the tutu! She looks so cute! Mirrors work every time!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the tutu! she looks so adorable.