Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of the baby crying....at 4:45 am.

That was only fifteen minutes earlier than usual.

Since she now sleeps through the night and usually takes at least on decent nap a day, sometimes two, she thought it would be wicked awesome to torture me by waking every day as the sun makes its appearance.

I've purchased supplies to black out her window.

I fed four children breakfast, including a reluctant little boy who doesn't like to eat in the morning. I was the same way as a child. I should apologise to my parents for that.

I made the older two get dressed for school.

School lunches were made.

I nagged the children into cleaning their rooms. This took longer and required more effort on my part than if I had just cleaned the rooms myself. They also would have looked better if I had cleaned them myself. But my goal is responsible adults, not perfectly cleaned bedrooms. Eye on the prize!

I made my bed and picked up my bathroom.

I made them pick up the toys so I could vacuum.

I started to vacuum.

The older children decided to wait outside for their ride to school. A ride that wasn't coming for another hour.

The baby decided to go outside too. I'm so glad she learned to work the door knobs.

In the process she let the dog out.

I stop vacuuming to put pants on, retrieve the baby and find the dog.

All children are safely in the house.

I vacuum.

I give the baby second breakfast, there's a bit of hobbit in that one I tell you.

I start laundry.

I clean the kitchen and polish the appliances.

I start to clean the bathroom.

I stop to go find the dog, the baby has let her out. Again.

The children's ride arrives to find me in my jammies and flip flop trying to get the dog while Pork Chop stands on the side of the road holding Sweet Pea, who is dressed only in a diaper. Classy.

Children leave for school.

I bribe the dog back into the house with fakin' bacon.

I finish cleaning the bathroom.

I get dressed.

I get the other children dressed.

It is only 8:00 a.m.

I'm already exhausted and ready for bed.

The rest of my day was just as action packed. Between household duties, childcare, church commitments and my water company's inability to deposit my checks into the right account my day was full.

And I didn't even get to go swimming.

Is it any wonder I can't find time to blog?


shiguy4076 said...

i'm exhausted just reading that. All before 8am. Yikes. I'm going to bed now for you :)

Christy D. said...

You're like the Marines....you do more before dawn than most people do all day :)

LilKnitter said...

I get so slagged just dealing with Peanut somedays; I cannot imagine how you get everything done!