Thursday, May 07, 2009



That is the number of teeth this Princess


is currently cutting.

(I know! She looks so big in that picture! When did that happen? Must plot ways to stop it...)

You may recall that she has never been one to suffer in silence.

So we all suffer.

She did pretty well with Tylenol. Life was bearable. She was crabby but easily distracted into a better mood. And she still napped! I drugged that baby up every four hour religiously. In fact I don't think I've ever performed any religious duty as faithfully as I doled out her medicine. But we went through the bottle at an alarming rate. When purchasing a replacement bottle I made an executive decision and decided to go with the Equate version of Tylenol. It just made sense to buy the bottle that was half the price when we were going to go through it twice as fast.

It would appear I do not in fact possess that kind of executive authority. I should have consulted the person who really wears the pants around here. Sadly, she does not like the taste of Equate Tylenol.

So now crabby baby's mouth hurts and she refuses to take anything that might make her not hurt. Instead she prefers to spit it out in a fabulous spray of sticky purple goo. *le sigh* That baby. She does a good imitation of a Vegas fountain.

Without the mellowing effect of the Tylenol crabby has become her only emotion. And in an added bonus she has declared a moratorium on napping. Good times people, good times. I don't recall seeing warnings about this in any of the inspirational "Have a Baby, They're So Cute!" brochures. Can I sue for false advertising?

Two teeth have broken through. One tooth is about to break at any moment. I don't understand how it can be so close to the surface and not break through. Four more are swollen and positioned to strike.

Pray for us all.

And now I must go. The baby has realized I am doing something that she does not find personally entertaining. The crying and tugging on my clothing has commenced.


I'm off to see if we have a new Sesame Street on the DVR (which, by the way, SHE programmed to tape every day, TRUE STORY!) May the primary colored puppets distract her into a better temper.


Chrisknits said...

Elder went through 8 teeth in one weekend, after having had NO teeth break through in 18 months time. I hate to admit, we used Wild Turkey. Yes, whiskey. Trick my grandcestors used. Dipped her pacifier in the shot glass and stuck it in her mouth. Then we just commenced to rubbing it on her gums when needed. I guess we didn't screw her up too much, she turned into a fine teenager. Oh wait, she's a teenager, forget that fine part.

Tam said...

I find that advil works better. And the generic comes in "bubble gum". Just sayin'.

Domie's Mom said...

My HEART is with you and your little computer programmer to be. Teething stinks!


shiguy4076 said...

teething is the worst and seven at one time sounds horrible. I hope they break through soon. Poor baby and poor mommy.